School Snaps: Australian International School Students Attend Drone Workshop with Tun M

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Recently, three students from the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) participated in a 2-day drone workshop, where Prime Minister YAB Tun Dr Mahathir was a keynote speaker at its closing ceremony. The workshop was organised by Malaysian UAV Development Association (MUDA), the leading drone association formed for the primary purpose of serving the growing drone community. The workshop featured presentations and topics on the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or aircraft without pilot, widely used across the globe for various purposes.

The 200-strong crowd of participants at the workshop, comprised of university students, lecturers, professors, engineers and experts in the field. Year 11 students Fareed Arashaf and Aoi Kanda, and Year 12 student Timothy Hu, gained expert insight into the world of drones.

Timothy had just completed his Higher School Certificate (HSC) the day before the workshop, and was looking forward to learning about drone technologies and sophisticated drone software.
‘As the youngest of participants, it was an amazing experience to learn about the various uses of drones and how it helps businesses around the world,’ said Timothy, who chose Design and Technology as one of his elective subjects in school.

Student Aoi Kanda was always fascinated with drones, and was particularly intrigued with the laws and regulations that surround the use of a drone in a country or state. ‘I never knew there were so many rules and right ways to use a UAV, in compliance with different countries’ aviation laws.’

The students also received training in controlling UAV for mapping, three-dimensional (3D) modelling and processing data. ‘When I was a child, my father and I flew small drones around our housing area, and now to be able to learn how to control such huge drones using softwares really blew my mind,’ said Fareed when asked about his experience at the workshop.

Design & Technology is a subject taught in AISM that integrates the use of technology, design, and creativity into learning. These experiences expose students to creative thinking and problem solving, and provides learning opportunities in developing strengths of persistence and resilience across our budding designers.

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