Teach a Child to Fish, They Will Be Ethical for Life

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Last November, Malaysia broke new ground in the world of fishing by being host to the first youth angling event in Asia working toward the International Game Fish Association’s (IGFA) 80th anniversary initiative to teach 100,000 kids to fish around the world.

teaching the younger generation ethical fishing
Image credit: IGFA

Hosted by newfound partner The Milkfish Lady in Jugra, Selangor, the inaugural event welcomed thirteen new young anglers to a future of ethical fishing and conservation awareness.

With this, Malaysia becomes Asia’s first and only country working to help the IGFA reach its goal with youth angling events. Other participating regions include North America and Europe.

The Milkfish Lady is a local company that runs activities dedicated to promoting awareness for the ocean and its inhabitants such as Sport Fishing Tours, Family-Friendly Fishing sessions and their own Youth Training Programme. Acting as IGFA’s representative in Asia, they share a mission to educate the masses on responsible and ethical angling practices, as well as conservation efforts on game fish.

teaching kids how to fish ethically
Image credit: IGFA

The IGFA prides themselves as world record keepers and a global conservation body for the field of angling, and recognising efforts like The Milkfish Lady’s for outstanding accomplishments in that respect.

Together, the launching of this initiative, and therefore, putting Malaysia (and Asia) as a major contributor to this worldwide effort, is in the hope that the issue of pollution, over-fishing, and unethical practices during fishing can be combatted and curbed. Educating the future generation via fishing also helps develope hand-eye coordination, focus, patience and confidence, as the activity will require the practice of all these skills.

The Youth Education Initiative for 100,000 children to learn hands-on about ethical fishing will run throughout the whole of 2019, and The MilkFish Lady is ready to receive families interested in enrolling their children for a fun and educational fishing-trip.

 ethical fishing with milkfish and igfa
Image credit: IGFA

Contact them here to kick-start a better future for the ocean and everything that relies on it!

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