Tips for Staying Awake at the Office

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For people who have office jobs, there’s one thing that almost everyone has something in common: the unexpected lull periods that find you unable to stay awake.

It’s different from other kinds of work that demand more physical energy requiring you to stay on your feet until the end of your shift. We won’t say it’s easier to not feel sleepy, however the non-stop activity enables your brain and limbs to keep moving thus staving any sudden snooze spells. For office workers, the best go-to during post-lunch downtime would be to guzzle more coffee in order to get through the rest of the day.

Instead of relying too much on caffeine, here are some simple and easy ways of combating work-related fatigue.

1. Drink more H20

It is completely fine to crave a caffeine boost early in the work day. However, it is highly recommended to drink more water throughout the day, keeping you hydrated in your air-conditioned office environments. The cold air tends to dry your skin and make you thirsty, so instead of sipping another cup of coffee, top up your water bottles instead. Also, replace sugary drinks like sodas and processed juices with water to avoid sugar crashes, and to pump up concentration levels.

2. Work in the light

Although most offices keep their lights on during the day, it’s also important to make sure to let some sunlight in. As we live in a tropical climate, that’s not difficult to achieve at all. Reach for those blinds, and let in some rays for a quick boost of alertness. Our sun is a natural pick-me-up.

3. Don’t forget to stretch it out

Sitting in one position at long lengths of time on a daily basis will contribute to all kinds of aches and pains. Make sure to correct drooping posture, and take breaks every few hours to get a good stretch in. This relieves tense muscles, and helps wake you up as well. Here’s a 10-minute workout video to do at your desk:

4. Practice healthy munching

Snacks are great source of brain food. Especially when you have that deadline coming up and you need all the vitamin boosts you can get to push through. It is important to be mindful of what constitutes a good snack though. Salty processed crisps, chips, and sugar-laden candy bars are not ideal to anyone’s overall health if consumed regularly. Choosing healthier options of raw nuts, probiotics, fresh fruit, and vegetables are great energy providers, and they are better for you in the long run.

5. Eat a balanced lunch

A sure fire way to avoid post-lunch fatigue is to avoid consuming carb-heavy foods such as rice and noodles. Although that can be quite a challenge living in a country like Malaysia, where rice is a staple that no one can run away from for too long. Have it for an early dinner instead, when the carbs will come in handy ensuring a good night’s sleep. Opt for more keto-based lunches packed with protein and good fats that will enable you to burn calories faster. A smart way to practice healthier eating is to prepare your work lunches ahead of time, so you can just whisk them out of the fridge before heading out in the morning.

6. Keep essential oils handy

Essential oils are not just for helping people relax, they are also a great product to maintain concentration and focus during your work day. Have a small diffuser at your desk, or buy travel seized roll-ons of selected oil blends that promote a clear mind. Recommended oils include: cedarwood, rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemon, bergamot, French lavender, peppermint, and grapeseed.

7. Enjoy your favourite tunes

A fun way to wake yourself up is to take a quick 10-minute break where you can go for a brisk walk, while listening to energising music. It will get your blood flowing, as well as amp you up enough to finish the second half of the day. Music is a terrific medium to restore calmness, and improve motivation. So go on and play your favourite song to elevate your mood.


8. A good night’s sleep is gold

Some days, after work activities cannot be avoided because our social responsibilities help us to maintain a good work-life balance. And having a proper balance also requires a decent amount of shuteye. This is why your bedroom is a sanctuary of slumber, keep it as such. When turning in for the night, refrain from leaving any lights on. Exposure to light and noise keep you energised, making your brain unable to relax. It is also very important to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep before embarking on a full day’s work. Your mobile phone notifications can wait till tomorrow.

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