New Air Asia Restaurant is in the Works

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Speaking on Larry King Live, AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes has expressed plans to open a new restaurant serving food based on AirAsia’s menu.

The new restaurant will be named after after their in-flight menu– Santan, and will offer a wide selection of Asean, international, and vegetarian options. The CEO has not yet made public where the restaurant will be located, nor what the timeline is for an official opening

According to AirAsia’s website, all meals are available for pre-booking by customers up to 24 hours before their scheduled flights. It should be noted, that meal prices are not included in any ticket price.

Meals served on board include Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak, Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice, Golden Butter Chicken with Rice and many more. Find the full list of their in-flight meals here.

CEO Tony Fernandez also spoke about the company’s ongoing developments for aircraft seating and expressed his approval on their current fixtures.

The long-haul arm of the airline, AirAsia X have already introduced lie-flat seats in their Premium Flatbed class on board their Airbuss A330 Aircraft.

The very same aircrafts will be starting non-stop flights between Bangkok and Brisbane from June 25 2019.

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