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This is article provided by Cambridge Assessment English.

Nothing brings parents more joy than seeing their children succeed in life. From simple beginnings, such as watching them take their first steps, to major milestones like seeing them at graduation, with a scroll in hand at the end of their university life, ready for the world. It is part of the beautiful process of helping their child be the best they can be, from a tender young age.

English is Easier to Learn at a Young Age

One key area that many parents should place an importance on is their child’s language and communication development. According to research on foreign language learning during childhood published in the Procedia Social and Behavioural Sciences Journal, children are much better at picking up additional languages. This gives parents the chance to begin their child’s path to success by introducing English at a young age. What’s more, is that with a majority of Malaysians speaking multiple languages, children will be able to pick up English as naturally as they do their native language.

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As the leading authority in English Assessments, Cambridge Assessment English qualifications and tests are made for every level of learner, every step of the way – from those in primary school, all the way up to professionals in the working world. This makes it an ideal starting point for young learners to pick up and master English during their early years.

Parents who provide opportunities for English language development are also able to give their children a boost during their child’s developmental years by introducing them to English via Cambridge Assessment English’s Young Learners – a series of fun, motivating English language tests.

Not only will English be easier to pick up while a child is young, it also opens them up to cognitive advantages, such as increased problem-solving skills and creativity which will ultimately benefit them as they grow older and enter school. The importance of English only grows with a child’s age and mastering it can give them an academic edge as they look to take the next step in their journey and further their studies.

Every learner is tested based on four basic language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking – all of which are built into Cambridge English Qualifications and examinations. By mastering these skills, learners are able to understand and socialise with the world to an effective degree. Not to mention, with the proficiency and mastery of the language, learners are even able to knock down barriers, including cultural ones.

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English Qualifications Strengthen University Applications

Top universities, both locally and internationally, look to a student’s qualifications before accepting them into any programme offered in the university. No matter the course, English proficiency remains a basic qualification for most.

With many university courses being taught in English, it is important for prospective students to have a strong level of English proficiency. By equipping themselves with a qualification from Cambridge Assessment English, an applicant can begin their university application process with a strong, confident step forward.

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Cambridge Assessment English is recognised by more than 20,000 universities, organisations, and governmental bodies worldwide. By providing their child with Cambridge Assessment English Qualifications, parents will be setting their little ones up for global success, allowing them to cast a wide net when applying to universities and differentiate themselves from the thousands of applications a university might receive.


English Proficiency Makes a Candidate More Appealing

Once a child grows up and reaches that important milestone of getting a university degree, the next challenge they will have to conquer is landing a secure job in the future. It’s no secret that the job market today is highly competitive and it’s simply not enough to graduate with first class honours anymore. Employers are looking for well-rounded candidates with a whole set of soft and hard skills and at the top of that list is a sound English proficiency.

But why is this so? Over the years, Malaysia has been steadily attracting global MNCs to set up shop across the nation. This presents countless job opportunities for local talent to be employed with top global companies. These companies are of course, looking to employ bright, capable talent who can handle inter-market communication, that is commonly done in English, which has become an international language.

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With countless candidates being able to impress employers on paper, the real challenge comes when they are invited for an interview with the hiring manager. No matter how many distinctions a child achieves in school, the real test comes when they are required to analyse and discuss a particular matter. The fact remains that a solid English qualification makes a prospective candidate more appealing to employers.

In short, Cambridge Assessment English Qualifications by Cambridge Assessment English makes learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding for learners of all ages and abilities. By exposing your child to its extensive array of in-depth qualifications and examinations, your child will be set for success right from the get-go.

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