School Snaps: KTJ Charity Work

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KTJ students from the PTPI, Interact and LEO Club have been busy completing charity work for the En Xin Foundation. A number of our students visited the charity’s children’s centre, along with Mr. Deryk, to deliver English lessons and hand over money raised through a recent school Mufti Day event. The charity also runs En Xin Soup Kitchen which provides food for the less fortunate. Volunteers coordinate and prepare free meals for this cause once every two weeks and KTJ students helped by preparing vegetables in our Food Technology Room.

Founder of the En Xin Soup Kitchen, Jacyntha Lo Nyok Moo said the food aid was offered to orphanages, old folks, the disabled, En Xin registered members, and others in need. Besides providing food such as rice, vegetables, buns, fruits, cakes, biscuits, and mineral water, volunteers of the En Xin Soup Kitchen also distributed other essential items such as detergents,medicine, seasonal food, and even ang pow (small cash handouts) depending on the sponsorship.

A big thank you goes to KTJ Upper Sixth student, Natalie Chan, who has been instrumental in setting all of this charity work up.Well done to Natalie and all students that contributed to this charity work!

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