Switzerland Stopover Deal Sessions Superb Short Holiday

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Don’t you just sigh with the blues as you pass through a great country but never have any time to actually visit it? Well, Switzerland, a country famed for wellness, has solved that problem!

Swiss International Airlines has teamed up with Switzerland Tourism and Switzerland Travel Centre for the destination package you’ve always dreamed of. Leisure and business class travellers can now opt to extend stopovers in Switzerland from one to four nights under a new customizable travel package offer.

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This package is available for flight commencing in Japan, and fares to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa, and Asia that stopover through Switzerland.

The ‘Stopover Switzerland’ programme was curated in response to guests wanting to experience a variety of destinations and activities on a singular trip. With the trend of detouring a destination for just a few days to gain first impressions of another area, Switzerland Travel saw this opportunity for further tourism growth.

With Switzerland being a small yet compact nation, the stopover package utilizes the variety the country has to offer. No where else can visitors experience so much in such little time. Together with the Swiss Travel Centre, a range of eight single or multi-destination travel packages (all including accommodation in three or four-star hotels, and public transport) will be available for the chosen destination.

Choose from cities such as Zurich, Interlaken or Lucerne as base for the stopover, and get tips on possible trips and activities to make the most of your stay. All packages also will equip you with a Swiss Travel Pass for 1st or 2nd class travel for unlimited ride on Switzerland’s extensive public transport system for the entire stopover duration.

Swiss International Airlines hopes to extend this programme to the rest of the world, and we are eagerly awaiting more to come on board with it!

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