Traveling and Money? Levy Li Shares Her Tips

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Travelling with a strong desire to spend as little money as possible or on fixed budgeting is probably one of the most commonly asked questions.

But fret no longer, for the answer to this anxiety-sparking issue is proper travel planning! By identifying your priorities and utilising certain strategies to save money during travels, you will be able to identify smart choices that will not bog you down with second-guessing and regrets.

The trip can even be more exciting by getting together with a group of friends and watching videos of the desired destination beforehand!

budgeting planning
Image credit: Levy Li

A regional survey, commissioned by Beringer Vineyards in 2017, found that 96 percent of people agree that holiday planning is much more enjoyable when it’s done with a group over a glass of wine to breakdown and be clear with the responsibilities.

To better understand how to save money while planning for your next holiday, Beringer Vineyards had teamed up with expert travel planner and wanderluster, Levy Li to bring five ways people can save money while planning an enjoyable trip.

Plan out your trip expectations

First things first. What do you want to do? Why are you going on this trip? These straightforward questions can help you see the realistic side of travelling, and will help you manage your expectations for this trip. Would your getaway be luxurious, dining at the finest restaurants with your friends? Or would it be a backpacking adventure, seeking out the paths less travelled? Your itinerary will be better shaped according to these pre-determined plans, and better-suited activities can be fitted to the type of experience you want to capitalise on.

budgeting planning
Image credit: Jo Szczepanska

Financial planning

Don’t panic at the sound of this! Budgeting your trip is actually a lot easier than it sounds, and will help solidify the estimate of the allocations. Basic travel necessities will have to be determined upfront, such as flight tickets, accommodation, and car rental where needed. Booking these in advance can often save you 30 or even 50 percent off the original prices.


There are many methods to sourcing flight and accommodation deals. One of the easiest is to scout on the countless travel websites online. Planning ahead will help alert you of early bird deals and flexible slots on where and when you want to go. Meeting up with travel companions over dinner and making an activity of searching and comparing for the best deals will also help narrow the decision-making down, and the accommodation everyone can settle on. Travel vlogs and reviews can also help inform you on trip tips and to-dos.

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Image credit: Duy Pham

Low Season, Low Cost

Most travel destinations have high and low seasons. The low periods often see airlines, hotels, tour agencies, and other travel organisations launching offers and deals to attract customers even more than ever. From price-slashing, freebies, and other special offers, places that usually hit the high demand will have to come up with sustainable income during low periods as well. Take Bangkok and Bali for example: summer periods see plenty of tourists, but ‘winter’ or rainy seasons see airfare and hotels cutting rates as much as 50% to lure travellers.

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Image credit: Levy Li

Travelling opens your eyes to the to the big, beautiful and fascinating world out there. You just need to make that first step. As Mark Twain once said, “the secret of getting ahead, is getting started”, so gather your travel clan, pour yourselves a glass of Beringer wine (red or white, your choice!) and get planning!


As Levy Li puts it, “Travelling opens your eyes to the to the big, beautiful and fascinating world out there. You just need to make that first step.”
Even Mark Twain once said, “the secret of getting ahead, is getting started”, so gather your travel clan and get to planning!

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