Penang French Film Festival 2019

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This article was written by Yukeshwaran Devadas.

Rave-worthy French movies coming soon to Penang!

Life is always busy. We are so caught up in the monotony of our daily routine that we fail to cherish ourselves. A good movie can instantly do the trick, so imagine 15 successful films directly from France to evoke your inner movie buff.

In conjunction with Le French Festival 2019, the French Film Festival will once again partner with Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) from 25 April – 5 May to present a fresh batch of French movies. Since the festival’s first occurrence in 2001, French films have garnered a strong reputation among Malaysians. From comedy to crime, romance to history, and everything in between, embrace the essence of France through the lens.

Here are several movies that you should not miss:

Sink or Swim (Comedy)

A group of misfits in their late 30s to 50s attempts to overcome the odds to embark on a mission to clinch the world championship for men’s synchronized swimming. The team comprises of a failed musician, a businessman nearing bankruptcy, a hot-headed corporate guy and a few others under the stewardship of a disgraced champion. Besides being revered as a crowd-pleaser, the film has also bagged several awards, including 2 Crystal Globe Awards 2018 for Best Actor and Best Comedy.

In Safe Hands (Drama)

A tale of a bright-eyed baby boy’s destiny, from his birth to the moment he is given up for adoption and when he gets adopted. It’s hardly difficult even as an audience, to get emotionally attached with the little one, in the hope that he ends up in a safe and loving home. There’s Jean taking care of him temporarily while Alice is all-out fighting to become his mother. A heart-warming story elevated by the cast’s sublime acting skills. One thing for sure, you’ll be in safe hands for 110 minutes.

The Emperor of Paris (Crime, Thriller)

A story about a criminal-turned-cop. During Napoleon’s reign, Vidocq has broken out of the country’s most famous prison for a jaw-dropping 27 times. While many assume he is dead following his final escape, he goes through a lot more twists and turns and finally strikes a deal with the police in an exchange for his freedom. On par with the outline of the movie, Paris is depicted in an unusual way.

Rolling to You (Comedy, Romance)

If romance-comedy is your thing, then this French version would roll into your good books. A selfish businessman tries to attract a pretty nursing assistant by pretending to be handicapped but somewhat falls in love with her sister, who is a wheelchair user. Can you predict what would happen next?

The Night Eats The World (Horror, Science-Fiction)

How would you feel if you woke up the night after a wild party and to be face to face with a fresh reality – a zombie apocalypse? That’s what the movie is all about. Judge the measures Sam takes to stay alive, how he remains in solitude and what does he do when he gets to know that he’s not alone all the while. Or will he also turn into prey for the undead monsters?


After back to back movies, if it weren’t for the “Keluar” signs and diverse Malaysian crowd in the theatre, you might believe you’re in France already.

A French festival simply won’t be a festival without its cuisine. Join a French convivial dinner at Alliance Française de Penang on the 3rd of May to send your taste buds to France without the airfare. The delectable spread, comprising both meat and vegetarian options, will be prepared by chefs from Hotel Equatorial Penang. Soak up the nostalgic setting of the 70s house and rub shoulders with like-minded new friends.

If it’s the French lifestyle that intrigues you more, be part of a lecture titled, French Customs and Etiquette. Why wine is such an integral part of French cuisine? How do the French celebrate their festivals? And a lot more. You’ll be surprised that it’s not always what your guidebook tells you.

Find the full itinerary for Le French Festival here.

Penangites, you don’t want such a fabulous festival to pass by you. Book your tickets at GSC today!

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