School Snaps: AISM Students Awarded Four ‘Gold Tickets’ to Melbourne Forworld Mathematics Championship

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Four students from the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) were awarded ‘Gold Tickets’ to compete in the World Mathematics Championships in Melbourne later this year. This was the result of their outstanding achievements at the South East Asian (SEA) Mathematics Competition held in the city of Ho Chi Minh. In addition, the students, together with another five students, collectively brought home eight medals from the competition.

This is the second time AISM has attended this competition, competing with 165 students from schools across Southeast Asia. The competition consisted of nine different events over the two days and the tasks were both diverse and challenging. There were individual tasks, group tasks with teammates from AISM, and group tasks with students from other schools. Students were expected to display a range of Mathematics skills such as communication, collaboration, challenge, strategy, creativity, and knowledge.

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