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TEG Media’s MM2H Survey

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TEG Media is in the midst of conducting a survey of people living here with a Malaysia My Second Home visa to gather their views on the programme and living in Malaysia. Although data collection is still an ongoing process, the initial results gathered so far are very positive.

The survey only covers people who have either retired, or relocated to Malaysia, who also make quite a substantial contribution the local economy. It should be noted that the visa only grants people permission to live here and not to work. The vast majority (84%) of visa holders say they are happy with their decision to join the programme with one third saying there were “extremely” happy. Not surprisingly, most respondents plan to spend the rest of their lives in Malaysia.

When asked about the reasons they like most about living here, the survey results showed the Malaysian people, food, weather, and the overall quality of life. However, their views on driving standards in Malaysia were less complementary.

MM2Hers contribute tens of millions of ringgit into the economy, with 42% living in a home they had purchased here. A high number of 62% have purchased a car in Malaysia with some have purchased at least two cars. 84% of the respondents said they spend over RM5000 a month in Malaysia on general living expenses, and over a third said they spend over RM10,000 a month.

Unlike many people who retire to foreign countries tending to have social circles involving only other expatriates, MM2Hers tend to blend well with the local community. Only 7% said they mostly engage with other expats and 63% said they have local and expat friends, while just under one third say they mostly mix with locals.

When commenting on the interim survey results, TEG Media CEO, Andy Davison said it confirms his views that the Malaysia My Second Home programme is a success in terms of peoples’ satisfaction with it, their financial contribution to the Malaysian economy, and the fact that they integrate into the local community.

The survey closes on 6 June 2019 and the full results will be released soon after. Survey participants stand to receive a free one year subscription for Senses magazine.

If you live in Malaysia with a MM2H visa, and would like to complete the short survey please click here.

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