Taking a Bite at Corporate Culture: ‘The Working Dead’ Musical

musical the working dead
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Taking inspiration from the dark reality of the unstable work-life balance of corporate culture, this all-Malaysian musical sets to explore how far the career ladder can stretch, and where it leans dangerously.

musical performance the working dead
Corporate zombies hard at work at the office of Chan and Chan (Taken during the 2018 Workshop Production)

The Working Dead’ showcases Edwin, an upcoming salaryman dedicated to provide for his wife Sarah through his demanding job in modern-day Kuala Lumpur. Extra hours and overworking are terms that cannot exist in his line, and even his unexpected death can’t be a hindrance to his KPI.

Brought back to life by his boss, Chan, via dark magic of a bomoh, Edwin is designated to continue his role as a corporate zombie (now literally!) much to the horror of his wife and colleagues.

the working dead main performer
When Edwin (Iz Sulaini) dies on the job, he is turned into a corporate zombie (Taken during the 2018 Workshop Production)

This is not a horror musical, however, despite the presence of the undead. The chilling notion of the musical comes mostly from its all-too-real demands of today’s working world, and the sacrifices of family and health we viewers will only be too familiar with. “Is this really worth it?” asks executive producer Terence Toh. But despite all this, the only thing we’re likely to die of during this musical is laughter!

KuLT Productions presents this comedy theater musical as a re-staging from its original conception as a workshop production from Twenty20Two Studios shown last year in Kelana Jaya to rave reviews and feedback.

the working dead musical performer
Colin Kirton as Chan

Conception ran for over two years by lyricist Terence Toh, composer Lydia Tong and music director Kelvin Loh. Its completed stage production is currently directed by established director Nicole-Ann Thomas, and an ensemble comprising of Brian Cheong, Colin Kirton, Denise Yap, Iz Sulaini, Kirthana Kuhendran, Pryanka Rasa, Tina Isaacs, Zhafri Hassan, Zickry Yusof, and Zukhairi Ahmad will be performing alongside a 4-piece band.

the working dead production
Director Nicole-Ann Thomas

Every aspect of this musical, from the creative to the technical, is proudly 100% Malaysian made.

the working dead creative
Conductor Shensation

‘The Working Dead’ is backed by Co-Labs Coworking and Paramount Property, with support from the Actor’s Studio Theater Rakyat (TAS) and mental health organisation ThinkInt, who will be providing talks on workplace health issues such as burnout and anxiety during selected shows.

RaffleThazzle Photography, Sunway University Department of Performance and Media, and SYLK Music Development will also be supporting the play.

‘The Working Dead’ showtimes:
July 18- 20 (Thurs- Sat): 8.30pm
July 21 (Sun): 3pm
July 23-27 (Tues- Sat): 8.30pm
July 28 (Sun): 3pm
July 30- Aug 3 (Tues- Sat): 8.30pm
Aug 4 (Sun): 3pm


Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), Sentul,
51100 Kuala Lumpur

RM88 (regular)
RM68 (flat rate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, students, disabled, senior citizens, and TAS Card Members)
Buy your tickets here.

For more information or enquries, email [email protected]

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