Grab: Implementation of New Regulations in E-Hailing Industry

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Beginning from 12th July 2019, Friday, due to the implementation of new regulations, users should expect longer waiting periods. Yes, now Grab drivers will have to fulfill a certain new set of requirements to get back on the road.

According to Grab, the new regulations will be beneficial in terms of maintaining its quality of e-hailing services for users. However, considering that all 200,000 drivers will have to go through a tighter process in order to keep their jobs is an ordeal that is sure to affect many. What remains to be seen are the positive benefits stemming from these drastic change in the near future.

They have to sign up for a JPJ drivers test, Puspakom car inspection, a 6-hour long of driver training session, medical check ups, and background checks to obtain a Public Service Vehicle license. The new set of rules also apply to OKU (special needs) drivers.

The main concerns for users with the onset of new regulations are fares and waiting times. Grab advises users to reserve a ride well in advance to avoid surging peak hour charges. Fares will also see a considerable hike brought on by a decrease in drivers who might not pass new regulations put in place for various reasons.

Since the whole process will be time consuming and incur unforseen costs for Grab drivers, the company has initiated “Pakej Pikul Bersama” to aid drivers during this transition period. This plan provides a free online training session and also free medical check ups at listed panel clinics.

In the meantime, GrabFood, GrabExpress and other Grab services remain unaffected by the new regulations.

For further information, visit the Grab website.

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