Fly High Phoenix: Malaysia’s First Hijab-wearing Wrestler Reigns Victorious

Fellow WWE fans, we finally have a new champ, the “Phoenix” who soared high in Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) competition. The petite teenager clad in a hijab stunned spectators at the event which crowned her as the first female champion in Malaysian wrestling history.

Nor Diana or recognizably known as “Phoenix” breaks stereotypes, barriers, and glass ceilings with her unimpeded win at MyPW. Her status as a hijabi and a Muslim did not deter her from pursuing her endeavor to be a professional wrestler. Breaking social conditioning, the athlete is only 19 years old! After three years of backbreaking training, she finally gained a deserving recognition not only from the locals but also from people around the world.

In a recent interview, Phoenix declared, “Even though I am Muslim, and I wear the hijab, nothing can stop me from doing what I love.”

Initially, Phoenix was not very keen of revealing her identity and she wore mask for her first competition. She later made the crucial decision to unmask and reveal her identity despite fears of being judged, but her action empowered her to follow through. The reaction from social media proved to be positive overall, with many professing amazement at her capabilities despite her small figure.

“You see, the unmasking of a wrestler is a big deal in Mexico. It’s almost sacred. But for me to open the mask up and reveal myself was something I wanted to do, and I knew I needed to have courage as not many would dare do so,” Phoenix explained.

A groundbreaking achievement in itself, before being crown as a champion of MyPW, she defeated four male wrestlers and that is astounding!

Her presence within the wrestling industry proves that anyone could do anything regardless of any backgrounds. With spirit and courage, Phoenix impressed the crowds with her ferocious moves and never-give-up attitude. The wrestling world needs to keep their focus on young Phoenix as she has proven that no mountain is too high.

Congratulation Phoenix!

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