Calling All Expats Living in Malaysia!

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Did you know that in 1996, a magazine called The Expat was launched in Malaysia targeting all English speaking expatriates living in the country. Other publications have come and gone but now 23 years later, The Expat is the only publication that is sent free of charge to all subscribing residents actively part of the expat community here.

The original, rather ambitious, aim was to help create unofficial ambassadors for the country by compiling bite sized pieces of information about Malaysia, to help spread the word about the country’s many attractions. We also hope to keep people advised of the many things this country has to offer to make your stay more enjoyable. We also try and explain some of the more culturally-heavy events which may be confusing to new foreigners at first.

A lot has changed in the last 23 years since the first issue was published.  Increased usage of the internet in our current information age sees many younger expats choosing to get their information online which includes our digital platforms, ExpatGo and, which attracts tens of thousands of readers every month.

There are now a significant number of expats who have made Malaysia their home, or have decided on staying here long term. During our last readers survey we found some 30% of subscribers had been living in Malaysia for over 10 years, and some for much longer.

Whereas ten years ago only 3 % of subscribers were over 60, we now have at least 23% over that age as many Malaysia My Second Homers subscribe to the magazine. As they have very similar interests to the working expats, we did not have to make too many changes to the magazine to accommodate their lifestyles. We have made it a policy to periodically ask for readers’ input to ensure that we are delivering the kind of news and information that the majority of our readers will appreciate.

When we started, we had telemarketers calling up companies asking if any expats worked there before adding them to our mailing list. Now, we are totally able to rely on people finding us with the added value that our publications only reach people who are active subscribers. If you would like to subscribe for free issues of The Expat, rest assured that your privacy is tantamount, and we would never release the information list to third parties.

FREE PERSONAL COPY OF THE EXPAT: If you are an expat living here and would like to receive a free copy of The Expat magazine every month just sign up here.

READ IT ONLINE: If you would prefer to read it online, and be advised when each copy is uploaded, then you can sign up here.

GET THE TEG CARD: Many expats also prefer to purchase the TEG Card as it gives holders discounts at our various events and also allows them to buy barter deals that arise when advertisers pay us in goods and services rather than cash. You can sign up here.

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