School Snaps: Uplands students once again exceed global averages at IBDP

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Uplands students have, once again, exceeded global averages in this year’s provisional IBDP examination results. This year’s average score is 15% higher than the global average, with 8 students achieving 40 points and above. There is an expectation there will be some positive change in our statistics as re-marks are ongoing.

Uplands students achieved an average diploma score of 34 out of a possible 45, surpassing the global average of 29.6. Five students achieved more than 40 points which is the level of attainment required to gain entry to the world’s elite universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Stanford. 

Uplands School Principal, Mr Giles Mongare, said the outstanding examination results further demonstrated Uplands’ continued commitment to providing world class education and learning opportunities for all. He explained that students had again exceeded global averages. “Uplands students continue to achieve at the highest levels. I am very proud of their joint accomplishments and cannot thank and praise their teachers enough for all their dedication and hard work. These results do not happen by accident and I thank all involved for their combined efforts”. 

Uplands results at a glance:

Average IB diploma points 34 points, higher than the global average of 29.6 points. 

8 students achieving 40 points and above.

95% pass rate at IB diploma level.

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