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10 Airports Around the World Perfect for Business Travellers

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Where travelling as a businessperson is concerned, there are certain savvy practices involved especially when it comes to journeying by air. Non-stop commitments, schedules planned down to a T, and limited time for adequate rest, travellers with corporate intentions should check out these airports that cater to these specific conveniences.

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), Japan

airport tokyo haneda interior

Coming in at second place after chart topper Changi International Airport (Singapore) from 2019 Skytrax World Airport Awards, the Tokyo International Airport in Haneda presents a beautiful combination of being a cultural hub as well as a business-centric lounge for the transiting professional. It can be considered a quite strategic, located an hour and twenty minutes away from the much more popular Narita Airport that caters to the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan.

Moving through this airport allows for a breather from the larger crowd, and the unlimited WiFi access in its state-of-the-art lounges is definitely a plus point for business travellers.

Munich International Airport, Germany

Admittedly, Munich International Airport comes in second place with a percentage of 87.71% when it comes to flight punctuality in a 2017 listing by The Telegraph. The airport’s consistent performance is marked not only by the exceptional quality of facilities for business travelers, it has also become well-known for operating its very own brewery!

Facilities ranging from Napcabs to a recharging zone are well maintained in addition to easy navigation around the airport from the detailed information of train links. Plus, if you are looking for a quick pamper and grooming session before going off for important meeting, you’ll find services catering to massages, hairdressing, and even shoe shining.

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Narita International Airport, Japan

Catering to the different needs of corporate travelers with longer layovers, Narita International Airport is famous for their capsule hotel for those looking to rest and recharge away from the bustling crowds.

In addition, two halal restaurants are established here for the convenience of Muslim travelers. Besides, if you are looking for a place to unwind and decompress, you can check their observation decks or art promenades, and their amenities extended to shower rooms and nap rooms for those experiencing longer journeys on a budget.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands

Schiphol is designated for business travelers with its work areas and professional conference rooms. Accompanied with free-wifi, any quiet time you seek for would remain completely uninterrupted at the designated workstations. Schiphol’s services also include established internet centers as well as meeting rooms for brief conferences.

An added benefit to Lounge 2 is their first aid services where certified physicians and nurses are able to treat travellers who need medical attention.


George Bush Intercontinental Aiport, USA

Awarded by Skytrax as a four star airport in 2019, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, provides free wifi, battery charging zones, super shuttles, F&B outlets, and many more. They’ve also provided a designated interfaith room called a chapel for travellers of all beliefs looking to seek some time in prayer. For corporate travelers, you may look forward to the various airlines lounges established in this airport.

Frankfurt Airport, Germany

At Frankfurt Airport, forget stressing over limited parking spots as this airport has over 15,000 parking spaces! That’s wonderful as long as you make early reservations, or you could go for other available options such as premium, corporate, and even extra wide spaces for cars are provided specifically for corporate travelers. Additional advantages of landing at this airport is it’s easy accessibility to public transportation such as bus and rail links.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA

The world’s busiest airport has its share of conveniences for travelers flying in from all over the world. Located 10 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta, it is about a 15 minute ride by car or taxi to the city. Apart from providing rental car services, Atlanta International Airport also has four different train links that come every two minutes.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain

The second largest airport in Europe and claimed to be the biggest airport in Spain, Madrid Barajas has been a prominent hub for business travelers. Situated at the heart of Madrid, this airport accommodates all manner of travelers and offers various transportation services such as shuttles and car rentals, ensuring easy transiting and access for corporate travelers.

Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Airport is known around the world as a Middle Eastern oasis among globetrotters, including business travelers. In many aspects such as cuisine and premium lounges, this aerodrome has been upgraded to accommodate all kinds of luxury. Providing all kinds of retail therapy, expect duty-free luxury goods and 5-Star services during your stopover if you happen to be in Dubai International Airport.

Los Angeles International Airport, USA

LAX is known among travelers for being one of the busiest airports and many would avoid actually landing here. Social media sees many bloggers providing their viewers with fast track immigration tips and so on, however, there are numerous of lounges within this massive airport to accommodate as many travellers as possible. The Oneworld lounge is available here for flyers with an Emerald or Sapphire status and also for anyone travelling with first and business class cabins with Oneworld memberships.

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