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8 Reasons Your Next Holiday Should Be in South Lombok

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Indonesia is one of Asia’s most eclectic travel destinations, with a wide range of appeal that goes far beyond well-known Bali. The neighbouring island of Lombok has for years been on the radar of intrepid travellers, those willing to do a little extra to get to great, off-the-beaten-track places. These days, however, with direct flights to Lombok from Kuala Lumpur, and an emerging range of resorts and villas that hold their own against any in the region, this Indonesian island is really coming into its own. For those seeking a refined and relaxing holiday, there’s only one place to go to once you touch down at Lombok’s airport, and that’s to the island’s scenic and alluring south coast. Here are 8 reasons why you should be considering a holiday here:

1. Forgotten world feel

selong selo magnificent views

In a world that is fast becoming cluttered in the name of commercialisation, it is refreshing to discover a hidden paradise that is far removed from it all. Unlike its crowded neighbour Bali, Lombok is blissfully semi-rural and retains a “forgotten world charm.” Find the same surf breaks here, minus the crowded waves; the same champagne-sand beaches, minus the jostling crowds. If you’ve been there, done that, and now seek experiences that go beyond mere ticking of travel lists, Lombok is the place to head to.

2. Uncompromising luxury

selong selo cocooned in luxury

A new all-villa resort that’s quickly making a name for itself in this enviable and breathtaking location is Selong Selo. Spread over an expansive, picturesque hillside location in South Lombok, each villa has a personal infinity pool, perfect for that Instagram-worthy picture. Pool decks and lawned terraces offer you the opportunity to sit back and relax, taking in the colourful canvas of your surroundings and nature-heavy views of the beautiful landscape and boundless ocean beyond. The sea seems to change colours as the sun rises, from deep blue to dazzling turquoise and even a jewel-like green.

The one- and two-bedroom villas are cosy havens, perfect for couples, small groups of friends, or a family. Larger groups of friends or extended families will love the three- and four-bedroom villas, with ample space for children to run around. The five-bedroom villa, meanwhile, is grand and stands at the crest of a hill, with 360-degree views of the magnificent landscape. If that’s not enough, then for large groups or families travelling with an entourage, the seven-bedroom villa sprawls over a hill, built across various levels and boasts three infinity pools. There are a number of leisure options at hand, including a complimentary shuttle service both within the resort and to the nearby Selong Belanak Beach.

3. Facilities of a resort, privacy of a personal villa

aura restaurant selong selo

The 23 villas in Selong Selo are largely self-catering, with most of them offering a fully equipped kitchen (of course, daily housekeeping services keep the villas in pristine condition.) Each villa comes with an on-call butler to attend to your requests, and the resort’s concierge is on hand to help with all your provisioning needs, so if you’re looking for fresh produce and plenty of groceries to stock your villa, it’s all easily arranged. But if you’re thinking, “Hey, I’m on vacation!” and just want to kick back and be pampered, you can enjoy delicious meals and refreshing cocktails at the excellent Aura Lounge and Bar, within Selong Selo Resort and Residences. You can even you can have your meals delivered to your villa, to enjoy them at the dining table, breakfast bar or the pool deck. In fact, for an extra charge, the resort can arrange a private chef to come to your villa and personally prepare a magnificent meal, whether a casual poolside barbecue or a decadent multi-course masterpiece.

4. Marine wonders

Staying in South Lombok, visitors can easily take a snorkelling day trip and witness the wonders of the underwater world. For adventure-seekers, scuba diving is offered, as well. The crystal-clear waters are an added bonus, giving you the chance to see colourful corals and wondrous sea life. Lombok even has its own Kuta Beach, not to be confused with the more famous (and people-packed) version over at Bali. 

5. Family fun

Selong Belanak Beach is said to be the best in Lombok for beginner surfers and is located just 10 minutes away from Selong Selo. It’s also a great spot for sunset-watching, especially if you manage to catch the Procession of the Cows, which takes place at sunrise and sunset every day. Though there is a relaxing spa in the complex and a kids’ club and yoga sala coming up soon, there is also plenty to do around the area, should you wish an excursion or two. Imagine a white-canopied picnic on the beach or even in the jungle, or a day spent on the water on a fishing boat, learning the ropes and catching your own fish to barbecue in the villa at night. Or just sit back on your poolside patio, and relax with a cocktail in hand, as the sun goes down, and the blue sea dons a black cloak, seemingly studied with diamonds from the fishing boat lights. A more enticing holiday sight is difficult to find.

6. Destination weddings and memorable events

Beyond its appeal as a tantalising vacation destination, Selong Selo is also a great venue for weddings, retreats, and corporate events. Take your vows at the beach, or on a clifftop deck with breathtaking views, and hold a reception on the sprawling lawns of the estate. The secluded and serene location makes it a favoured spot for wellness retreats and corporate meets. With plenty of accommodation, excellent facilities, and multiple dining options, it is the ideal location for making memories.

7. Conscious tourism

As part of Selong Selo’s guiding ethos, a commitment to sustainable practices and community engagement is something that deserves encouragement and praise. The resort was created with the goal of being a conscious development and upholds these values in every facet. Besides supporting the community and engaging in periodic events such as beach cleanups etc, Selong Selo also has its own organic farm where they grow vegetables and herbs used for cooking in the restaurant. 

8. Gourmet delights

Food is an important part of a fabulous vacation, and with plenty of dining options, Selong Selo has something for everyone. The private barbecue experience is a must-do at least once, and it’s the very epitome of being pampered. And with ingredients fresh from the sea and the resort’s own organic farm, it is no wonder that the food is delectable, as well. For a change of scene, you can also drive down to Kuta, located 40 minutes away. The town has a vibrant food scene, owing to a number of expats who have settled there alongside the locals. Find vegetarian restaurants, seafood diners, and places experimenting with fusion food. One thing’s for certain, you’ll be spoilt for choice here.  

If you’ve been curious about visiting Lombok, or if you’ve been before but want to explore something beyond the well-travelled northwest, you’ll find the award-winning Selong Selo to be the perfect way to introduce yourself – in style – to all that this lovely Indonesian island has to offer. With lavish indoor and outdoor living spaces in a range of beautiful one- to seven-bedroom private pool villas, stunning views, gracious service, and top-quality food, Selong Selo is everything you expect a private villa resort to be, and stands as the last name in luxurious Lombok hospitality.

Early bird bookings enjoy up to 20% discount when made 120 days in advance, except for New Year period. Last-minute bookings enjoy up to 15% discount when checking in within 30 days of booking. To learn more about the resort, visit

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