Malaysia’s ‘Most Excellent Hairstylist’ Wants to Treat Your Hair

Hair Emporium has been in operation for the last five years, having opened their first branch near The Curve in Mutiara Damansara. Under the management of director Keith Lui, the salon has opened its second branch this year at Arcoris Mont Kiara. I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Keith at the Mont Kiara branch where an appointment was made under extreme consternation from my part.

Hair Emporium Mont Kiara

The reason being a total hair catastrophe I had experienced at a different salon two months prior to turning up at Hair Emporium looking like an electrocuted mess. You see, my hair is the epitome of my Indian genealogy being extremely thick, lustrous, and deeply pigmented. This severely conflicted with my incessant desire of attaining hair the colour of bubblegum pink. Yes, this may seem a genuine conundrum to most who would question my decision, but all I can say is, “the heart wants what the heart wants.”

Before image

Fast-forward to my disastrous decision at picking the wrong salon to administer their services at my request. Because of how dark my hair was, they had chosen to strip my natural colour using 12% proof bleach that rendered my tresses in a broom-like texture that refused to soften no matter how many serums, masks, and oils I would use in desperation to combat the damage. It was so strong that literal fumes and smoke puffed off of my head when they removed the plastic wrap after I had complained of a painful burning sensation. After all of that drama, the colour didn’t even turn out like what was promised. My head was a patched heap of ash, brown, and blue!

After relating my horrific tale to Keith, he examined my hair and tutted at the previous salon’s decision at using such a dangerous amount of bleach. He informed me of the new treatment he would be applying to my brittle nest in order to restore as much moisture as possible. Keith introduced to me his latest acquisition for hair treatment from Japan called Tokio Inkarami, specially designed for extremely damaged hair. It contains 6 types of Patented Technology Keratin that contributes to repairing up to 140% of hair strength, which also includes strong anti-oxidants to fight hair aging and humidity. The treatment consists of 4 separate steps that allow for powerful penetrating agents to replenish moisture and oil to hair layers while rebuilding texture.

Tokyo Inkarami treatment for extremely damaged hair

Keith also very graciously agreed to re-colour my hair using Shiseido’s Colormuse-pink that also had honey and brown tones at the behest of my whining for not getting the colour I wanted so badly in the first place. I also decided on chopping off most of my mane in an effort to go for a refreshed look. His team of stylists were commendably professional and kind, constantly checking on me to see if I was comfortable. They even have a list of hot and cold beverages for their customers to enjoy during appointments.

After image

It was a complete rush of relief at seeing the final results once my hair was blown out. It was bouncy, soft, and manageable, making me feel myself again, and I could step out in public confidently as opposed to the previous months of tortured misery.

Tokyo Inkarami treated hair

Keith’s expertise is a testament to him being awarded the certification for Most Excellent Hairstylist by The Malaysian Hairdressing Association this year. This is just one of several awards he has received that are proudly displayed at Hair Emporium Mont Kiara. You will find Keith’s quiet and gentle demeanor a rather interesting factor for someone who’s a highly-decorated stylist at the helm of two successful salons.

Keith Lui

Alternatively, the Tokio Treatment Waves for sexy, bouncy, and natural waves have garnered quite a following because of the success of this particular treatment. Do make sure to secure an appointment for Tokio treatments as it will take at least three hours long. You will however enjoy the process and leave happier with a gorgeous head of hair.  

Prices for Tokio treatments start from RM650.

Location and details

Address: Arcoris (take the escalator from MyNews kiosk down to the lower ground), Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


Hours: 11am to 8:30pm daily

Tel: +603 6412 2152

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