School Snaps: ISP Student Shorlisted for The New York Times Booklet

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In September last year, The International School @ ParkCity (ISP) students from Years 7 to 11 were tasked in their English lessons with writing response to this question: ‘Is digital technology disrupting our life and values, or is it creating new ways of living?’

The question was posed by The New York Times, and was linked to the theme of their 2018 writing competition, Digital Disruption. In total, 44 students from ISP submitted entries to the competition! Each student has received a certificate from The New York Times, congratulating them on their entry. Yet, one Year 9 student went beyond receiving a certificate. Isabelle was shortlisted as one of the finalists! She has had her article, entitled ‘How the Internet is Affecting People’s Awareness and Mental Health’, published in The New York Times’ booklet of shortlisted entrants. This is a fantastic achievement given that over 900 students from20 countries entered the competition.Well done Isabelle!

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