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Unlike most beauty parlors that require you to set aside a considerable amount of time in a day for even the most basic of touch-ups and pampering, Effortless Beauty aims to change that.

Described to be the latest in beauty tech, Effortless Beauty Malaysia goes the further mile to provide doorstep services, bringing the expertise to you instead. They provide a wide range of services covering bridal and event makeup, eyelash extensions, facial spa, massage pampering, manicures and pedicures, as well as photography and beauty workshops. We had a first-hand treat to this experience, having the opportunity to try out Effortless’ lash extensions and gel mani-pedi nail services.

Eyelash Extension Service

By Sarah Anne Lee

Having never realised eyelash primping could go beyond the strip of false eyelashes, this introductory session into semi-permanent lashes was indeed a treat. I’d also like to mention that Effortless Beauty’s services also extend to getting pampered at the office, which was what I chose to do.

Julia, a certified eyelash beautician, was more than accommodating to clueless me. As I didn’t know what to expect, she expertly assessed the minute details that will affect the outcome, such as the shape of my eyes, the way I washed my face, and my general sense of style that would suit an everyday voluminous lash look.

effortless beauty
Image credit: Effortless Beauty Malaysia

Since I wasn’t the type to touch my face up with even the barest of foundation before I left the house, Julia navigated me through little care tips that would benefit my skin in the long run, and encouraged me to view the lash extension finishing as a step towards boosting personal self care.

While I was tempted to go full on Doll with the even-length lashes, ultimately we decided to go with the Cat-eye arrangement for a more manageable and natural look. With a slightly exaggerated length to the corners of my almond-shaped eyes, the end product was nothing short of beautiful.

effortless lashes
Image credit: Priscilla Emmanuel

During the 2-hour process of Julia painstakingly applying each tiny bundle of synthetic lashes onto my own existing lashes (she explains that sticking on the lash directly onto the eyelid could cause irritation), Julia truly demonstrated the utmost care in bedside manner someone required to lie still for that long could ask for.

Not only did she assure me it was alright to simply fall asleep in my position, she continuously checked in to ensure I was in a comfortable mood throughout.

The positive comments that ensued in the following two months of having the lash extension definitely boosted and helped me embrace a breakaway from my usual sloppy self. Even with a bare face, friends noted how expressive I became, and how natural the lashes suited me, and I enjoyed the whole two months of having them before they dropped off naturally.

lash extension effortless
Pardon the yet-to-sink-in image confidence

Whether for an upcoming big event, or simply to feel pretty, Effortless Lash Extension Service is definitely something to treat yourself to, with guarantee of quality service and worthwhile product endurance.

Classic natural lashes are priced at RM198.

Gel Nail Service

By Priscilla Emmanuel

Before being put in touch with Effortless Beauty, it was a long while since I last treated myself to a mani and pedi. A while being a good 6 months at least due to a hectic work schedule. The only time I had to myself were my precious weekends which were obviously taken up with errands and chores I would be too tired to tackle during the the week. So needless to say, I certainly missed having my nails done, and it showed with my chipped and peeling polish having been sadly neglected for too long.

Image credit: Effortless Beauty FB

I made an appointment with Effortless Beauty with June via Whats App for a Saturday service at my residence in Cheras. June was prompt and helpful with arranging everything, and my appointment was confirmed almost instantaneously as soon as I provided her with my home address.

Ms. Yikkie doing her thing

Yikkie, one of Effortless’ nail experts arrived precisely on time at 2pm, and proceeded to set up as soon as I showed her into my living room. She was quick, cordial, and pleasant to chat with. She showed me a variety of designs and colours for gel applications and I decided on a lovely jade green cat’s eye design for my fingers, and a dazzling deep hue of galaxy blue and purple for my toes.

Yes she came equipped with the UV dryer too

The whole process took about 90 minutes more or less, and by the end of it, I was truly chuffed at having the luxury of getting my nails done right in the comfort of my own home, saving me so much time.

Stunning jade green cat’s eye design

Yikkie was professional and thorough with her application, and two months on, my nails are still pretty intact without much chipping, with the exception of new growth. Which reminds me, I’ll need to make another appointment soon.

Super shiny galaxy toes

Gel manicure and pedicure home service starts from RM239.

For a full look at Effortless Beauty services and prices, visit their site here.


Appointments can be booked via their Facebook page, or by calling +60 16-892 1862.

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