School Snaps: Marlborough College Malaysia Receives 5-Star Award from MOE

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Marlborough College Malaysia has been formally recognised by the Ministry of Education (MoE) as one of Malaysia’s leading international schools with its 5-Star Award, the highest possible rating.

Marlborough was visited by a team of MoE inspectors in October and every aspect of College operation was scrutinised, including its aims and ethos, policies, facilities, curriculum, teaching, learning, and assessment.

The Master met with representatives of the Ministry this week to receive the coveted award and remarked “At the end of a very busy year, this is a welcome recognition of the exceptional professionalism and commitment of my colleagues at Marlborough.We know that they offer an outstanding education to children and that they consistently go the extra mile; I am delighted that the Ministry officially concurs. It is no surprise that day and boarding places at Marlborough College Malaysia are in demand.”

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