Suriana Welfare Society: Protecting Children in Crisis

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Suriana Welfare Society is a registered Non-Governmental organisation that was built in 2012 with the aim of creating a safe and legal framework, contributing aid to underprivileged children, and disabled citizens.

In January 2019, the organisation developed a community center that was set up purely as a dedicated service centre to address and provide solutions on various social ills plaguing the country. Having received their Tax Exempt Status in May of 2019, Suriana has since expanded from an advocacy agency, to a full-fledged preventive and rehabilitative service center. The organisation has been working in tandem with various government agencies to enhance the quality of life of the community with particular focus on children in crisis.

Suriana Welfare Society focuses their efforts in three main areas being:

Disabled Persons (OKU)

According to The Persons of Disabilities Act 2008 defines Persons of Disabilities as:

“persons with disabilities” include those who have long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society. The main purpose of this act is to provide for the registration, protection, rehabilitation, development and well-being of persons with disabilities. In short, it is to remove barriers so that people with long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments can fully and effectively participate in society.”

According to national statistics provided by Suriana:

• 4.86 million (14%) of Malaysians suffer form of disability*
• 513,519 or 1.58 % of disabled citizens are officially registered with JKM (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat)*
• 4,346,481 are still not registered* (stats recorded in Dec 2018)
• Most disabled citizens are still uninformed and unaware about special privileges they receive from owning a government OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) classification card
• Many citizens are still not in the know of the application process for an OKU card, and where they can access it
• Many are not financially or physically able to arrange transport to go for medical treatment at their nearest hospital or JKM centre
• Many OKU citizens have not been referred to the Malaysian Paralympics Council

Suriana arranges for caseworkers to assist disabled citizens with the whole application process for receiving an OKU card, from start to finish, which involves all necessary paperwork and hospital visits.

Special privileges extended to citizens with a valid OKU card include:
• Financial assistance for OKU students attending a Polytechnic
• Road tax and driving license fee exemption
• 50% discount for disabled citizens and senior citizens aged 60 years & above for Public Transport
• 50% off domestic flights (walk ins) with MAS / KTM 50% for all classes
• RM150 per month in financial assistance for Primary and Secondary school students
• Financial assistance for disabled IPT students
• Assisted payment and renewal of company registration
• Lower housing rental rates
• Discounts of up to 20% on buying a home
• Exemption for medical treatment fees in government hospitals
• Exemption for Passport fees
• Exemption for import duty taxes on Prosthetic / artificial body parts
• 100% tax levied duty on disabled vehicles
• Flexible work time for parents of OKU
• Free Telecom rental of home phone service only
• Free MyKad & search of birth & death details
• Free entrance to National Zoo
• Lower payment for mobile data plans
• National Sports Prize for Paralympic Athletes

Play and Learn Centre (PAL)

The main reasons for establishing a Play & Learn Center is to help counter the social ills within lower incomes communities where child neglect is quite rampant. The centre provides a safe place for children who need to fend for themselves especially after school hours, and they are able to be around responsible adults who help them with schoolwork with various other activities. Children are also provided with English lessons, learning through guided play and music, and also receive counselling.


Income Generating Projects for Single Mothers

This initiative was created to help single mothers with employment providing them with simple and easy to learn projects that allow them to work from home, with no financial risk taken by them, and 100% backed by Suriana. In aiding single mothers with job driven projects, they are able to supplements monthly incomes, and help women to build self confidence in being a bread winner.

Apart from these welfare driven focuses, Suriana also provides assessments and counselling in ascertaining the needs of different children, and to follow the most suitable form of intervention for special cases . The centre also makes sure that children experience a fun and joyful environment with the right kind of support for different developmental stages of their lives. Support given also extends to the parents and families of the children who participate centre’s programmes. Case workers therefore are trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) that addresses the mental aspects of counselling, and the emotional benefits received through this.

In-house assessments and counselling are also provided under request, and are approached as a case-by-case basis.

As an NGO fighting the good fight in providing help, care and assistance to those most in need in our community, Suriana relies on charitable donations by the public. If you would like to consider donating, there are either individual, corporate donations, or fundraising methods available such as:
Fundraising Methods
1. One-Off Corporate Donation
2. Recurring Corporate Donation – RM500/month or RM1,000/month
3. Get 5 Regular Giving – Individuals – RM50/month RM30/month RM __/month
4. Get 5 is where a potential donor agrees to:
i. make a regular monthly contribution, or
ii. Get 5 of his / her friends to do the same

If you would like to contribute as a fundraiser or donor, visit their site here for more details. You can also follow Suriana Welfare Society on Facebook to see individual stories on how the organisation helps children in need.

For more information, kindly email Suriana at [email protected].

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