School Snaps: AISM Commemorates International Day

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On 26 July 2019, Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) had the joy of celebrating our Language Week, culminating in International Day on Friday. International Day which is celebrated on a large scale in Australia, has been adapted by most international schools in Malaysia, including AISM. It was a day full of colours and diversity as the AISM community came together to celebrate. The day was filled with traditional costumes, delectable food tasting by parents, and a fascinating union of cultures from around the world. One of the major highlights of the event was the flag parade where students carried flags of their own nationalities, representing more than 30 nationalities. The Hakka dance, which is performed annually by students and teachers, had a different routine to give tribute to the victims of the New Zealand attacks. There is nothing more thrilling in a community than togetherness, and in each of these events there was a tangible sense of oneness in purpose and true intercultural understanding.

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