Halloween-worthy Horror in Asian Video Games

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While Halloween may be the occasion for all spooks, scares, and screams to take the spotlight, here are some Asian video games that helped us prepare for the occasion!

Siren Blood Curse

Bringing the most popular Japanese surreal horror tropes to life, this chapter-segmented single-player story mode game follows a group of characters trapped in a cursed remote village in the countryside of Japan. Stealth is your main option as you have to keep hidden from possessed and diseased villagers out to sacrifice you to the Silkworm Child Kaiko, the Mana God.

The graphics of this 2008-release may seem dated to some, but the alert soundtracks and visuals of hiding truly send a chill of dread down your spine as you ‘sight-jack’ the villagers to understand how well-hidden you really are.

Available on: PlayStation 3, PC
Duration: 8 hours


This breakout Indonesian-based indie horror game took the industry by storm, and brought to the screen some familiar mythological creatures known in this side of the world. Spirited away into an uncanny realm, an Indonesian student by the name of Linda must find her classmates while navigating away from the horrors hunting her down.

Indie gameplays have been known to be less polished than full-feature studio productions, but for the growing industry in Southeast Asia, this game is just the beginning of a fantastic representation. Look out for its sequel, DreadOut 2, and the DLC Dreadout Keepers Of the Dark!

Available on: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux
Duration: 4 hours

Home Sweet Home

Bringing to you the mystics of the ancient land of Thailand, Home Sweet Home will send you making sure you keep your doors locked and your relationships kept up with. You will be filling in Tim’s shoes, as he is plagued by the disappearance of his wife, and the many horrors he has to face to find even the slightest shred of clues.

Sneak past some of Thailand’s freakiest mythological creatures, and solve puzzles trying to purify the land you walk. Keep a lookout for EP 2 to discover what happened to Tim’s wife.

Available on: Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox ONE
Duration: 3 hours



Step into pre-modern Taiwan, during the perilous times of the White Terror period in the 1960s. Ray, a female student, must come to terms with her increasingly unsettling surroundings and her own history as she navigates through what supposedly is familiar grounds of her own school. The most distinctive part of this game comes from its 2-D side-scrolling atmosphere.

Things are not what they seem, and the true horror may just come from withing. This game is an excellent introduction into the mental unrest the people of Taiwan suffered on the brink of war, and the most important piece of history of the country-state.

Available on: Windows OS X, Linux, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch
Duration: 4 hours

Fatal Frame

Spanning a whopping seven installments, the Fatal Frame series is the one not to miss for horror enthusiasts. Credited with practically reinventing the horror game industry, the Fatal Frame signature of keeping ghosts at bay with the click of a camera has spawned inspired many, including the makers of DreadOut.

Known as Project Zero in Japanese distribution, its second installment, Crimson Butterfly, has been cited by many to be the scariest game of its kind, forcing players to be confrontational but not hostile to the monsters they encounter. With headless ghosts, swarming drowned lake monsters, and the infamous child-doll huggers, make your way through in the name of saving a beloved family member.

Available on: PlayStation 2, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Xbox
Duration: 8 hours


Unfortunately, this game has been the subject of heavy controversy, not for its stellar atmosphere and strong story, but for a little political statement game artists slipped in into a hallway sequence mid-game. As such, the game has been pulled from all platforms until further notice.

The story follows a family struggling to make ends meet. A retired superstar wife, a troubled screenwriter husband, and a daughter suffering from a mysterious illness is the focal point of the story, and this first-person navigated game is bound to trigger bad memories of a rough childhood. Many Youtube Gamers have already recorded their playthrough of the game prior to it being redacted, so check some out!

Available on: Redacted
Duration: Redacted

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