WhiskyPLUS Is Coming to Penang! Here are 9 Reasons You Need to Be There

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Malaysia’s biggest and best whisky and spirits tasting event is back! Following the grand success of WhiskyPLUS in Kuala Lumpur over the last two years – events which saw hundreds of enthusiasts coming together to sample the whiskies of the world – the first edition in Penang is set for November 30 of this year! With dozens of brands being showcased at WhiskyPLUS, there’s bound to be something for everyone. But if you’re still wondering why you should buy your entry pass, here’s a quick round-up of (mostly) whisky-focused reasons. Check this list out, then head over to to reserve your place at Malaysia’s Premier Whisky and Spirits Tasting Event, happening on November 30 at the Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort’s 6,000 square foot grand ballroom.

Entry to WhiskyPLUS is capacity-controlled to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone, so once the limit for each session has been reached, ticket sales will end – so don’t wait too long! Early Bird Pricing is available through November 3.

Best Sellers

Though one of the best things about a big whisky show is discovering new and lesser-known labels, you can rest assured you’ll be seeing quite a few familiar faces, too, giving you the chance to see what some of the powerhouses of the spirits industry are up to, and of course a chance to taste their output and see just why these whiskies are so globally popular.

whisky and spirits rum
Diplomatico Rum

Discover New Brands

If you’re accustomed to seeing the same handful of whisky brands, a large-scale whisky event like WhiskyPLUS will shake things up! You’ll see brands that are less familiar and maybe just a bit more interesting – AnCnoc, Bunnahabhain, Old Pulteney, Ledaig, Kilchoman, and Glen Breton are just some of the smaller-scale brands which will be on offer. You’ll also find whiskies and spirits from other regions and countries, too

One at a Time

You’ll get the chance to sample a tempting range of very special bottlings, each derived from only one cask of whisky. Most single malts are bottled as a marriage of various casks from a single distillery. Single cask bottlings, however, contain spirit uniquely from one barrel, and it’s that cask that’s really done most of the work. Only the best are chosen for these extremely limited release bottlings.

whisky and rum

Add to Your Collection

WhiskyPLUS is a tremendous opportunity to expand your own personal whisky collection. Most exhibitors offer a wide range of bottles for sale, including all the whiskies which are made available for tasting, along with a few special bottles which are only available for purchase by the bottle. Special event prices with no middleman retail mark-up make it hard to resist adding a bottle or two to the home collection!

Spirit of the Rising Sun

Japanese whisky is enjoying an extended run of global popularity that has sent stocks of these whiskies tumbling and prices, subsequently, soaring. WhiskyPLUS will feature some lesser-known whisky brands from Japan, so if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here’s your chance to find out.

japanese whisky
Japanese Whisky

Islay’s Maverick Spirit

The small Scottish island of Islay is its own whiskymaking region, and home to some of whisky’s most legendary distilleries. But even on an island of whiskies that don’t always conform to more typical Scotch profiles, Islay’s Bruichladdich distillery proudly embraces ‘challenging convention’ as their tagline. Come have a dram or two of what they produce – from the Classic Laddie to the heavily peated malts of Port Charlotte – and you’ll understand what they mean.

port charlotte whisky
Port Charlotte

A Sweeter Touch

Apart from whiskies, the PLUS part of WhiskyPLUS invites you to sample a few special rums, including Venezuela’s pride, Diplomático, and Thai favourites Mekhong and Phraya. Diplomático is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest rums and the brand turns out a range of labels, from rums well-suited for top shelf cocktails to sublime spirits that command slow sipping and savouring. It’s a similar tale for super-premium Phraya, frequently named as one of the best rums from Asia. Mekhong, meanwhile, adds a bit of rice spirits to its molasses-derived rum base, and the result is a hybrid spirit that’s perfectly suited for both food pairing and craft cocktail creation.

Beyond the Brown

Scotland is best-known for its whiskies, but turns out some pretty special gins, too. WhiskyPLUS is proud to showcase two of these, The Botanist and Caorunn. Distilled at the Bruichladdich distillery, The Botanist boasts 22 herbs and botanicals, all foraged from the gin’s home island of Islay. Caorunn, meanwhile, touts its small batch credentials in this Speyside-distilled craft gin.

caorunn gin whisky
Caorunn Gin

Make It a Getaway

If you’re thinking of attending WhiskyPLUS Penang from somewhere beyond the island itself, why not make a weekend getaway out of it? We’ve arranged for discounted rooms at the lovely Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort, located right on the beach at Tanjung Bungah. It’s close to both Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi, and there’s good food and shopping nearby, too. Even if you’re a Penang local, an overnight staycation following WhiskyPLUS is a fun (and safe) alternative!

A look back at WhiskyPLUS KL from earlier this year!

WhiskyPLUS Penang is being held on Saturday, November 30 at the Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort in Tanjung Bungah. There was a venue change made in mid-October, so some promotional materials may still reflect the initial event venue. Kindly note that all brands and expressions are subject to final confirmation by exhibitors, and any images herein are for representative purposes only and not necessarily indicative of that specific brand or label being available. For the latest details and to reserve your place, visit Enjoy responsibly – don’t drink and drive.

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