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Rant and Rave for Rage 2.0 Reinvents the Coffee Scene

rage 2.0 outlet
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A passing glance at the neon decor and crisp interior may make a RAGE outlet seem to be another one of those cafe hangout spots offering double-digit coffees, but step in to be delightfully mistaken.

coffee liptick
Mocha /w. Cinnamon

The local coffee tech scene startup has been steadily carving their own name as a brand above the rest, and their 10th and latest flagship outlet RAGE2.0 at Mid Valley Megamall aims to take an even bigger step up from the usual local coffee scene.

Featuring a new and reinvented menu containing a range of meal options for the whole day, RAGE2.0’s curated coffee and matcha-based drinks, as well as a line of brand new frappes with alternative milk choices, no palate is left out and local tastes are guaranteed to be delighted.

rage2.0 chai
Dirty Chai Latte

The RAGE brand wholly soars to new heights above any typical Instagrammable cafe, incorporating technology and community to assemble go-getters, dream chasers and entrepreneurs to do what they love and be inspired by their slogans of Unlabel Yourself and #NeverSettle.

“With RAGE 2.0, we want the working adults working around Mid Valley City as well as the families and patrons visiting the mall to have options. Whether in the form of alternative milks, coffee, matcha and even what we call liquid desserts, RAGE2.0 provides you with that. Looking to have a meal? Come enjoy our Tenderloin Rice Bowls or our Lamb Wraps and pair it with a RAGE Specialty drink for a match made in heaven,”

emphasised​ CEO and Co-Founder of RAGE, Jevin Singh​.

“We continuously aspire to make it easier and more convenient for people to enjoy our beverages and food. With just a few taps on the DrinkRage app, you can get your beverages delivered to you! Why trouble yourself when we can bring convenience to your doorstep.”

rage2.0 punching bag
Rage Cage!

All RAGE outlets offer a safe space for the urbanite to wind down, not just with chic cafe amenities, but also with a section for the ultimate stress-reliving activity: a punching bag!

The Technology

With an impressive career spanning from being an UBER driver to its Operations and Marketing as Regional Manager, to spearheading the successful launch of UberEATS in Bangkok, and as one of the team behind establishing SOCAR; Jevin Singh eventually co-founded RAGE and currently is its acting CEO.

His extensive experience with the sustainable business notion drives the technological side of RAGE to establish a community sharing a love for many things, especially coffee.

Jevin and Makissa

Together with CCO Makissa Sophia Smeeton, RAGE’s distinctive visual stems from her love of fine arts and boldness of perspective that shares Singh’s passion for sustainable concepts.

The DrinkRage App was created to be a solution to keep the working crowd constantly revitalised via reducing the hassle of coffee grabbing. As Malaysia’s first coffee shop to integrate its own pre-ordering and delivery system, a RAGER’s morning is off to a great start with a tasty beverage waiting for pickup or delivered right to your office in the Bangsar and Mid Valley area.


Not only that, DrinkRage will also encourage you to redefine your comfort zone with little activities and workshops by RAGE themselves, all with a cuppa-on-demand.

Cabonara with Mushrooms

Reinvention, Relationships, and Revitalising

Not only is RAGE’s extremely affordable quality coffee sourced from trusted local roasters, vegan and lactose-intolerant customers now have a public range of milk alternatives available for choosing.

Capitalising on the perfect balance of taste and nutrition, a range of oat, soy, and even coconut milk as a substitute to the accustomed dairy milk are available upon requested. The specialised matcha range on the other hand is sourced from Niko Neko.

At RAGE2.0 in Mid Valley Megamall, more vegan-friendly options of plant-based protein ingeniously harmonised with Asian spices and Western culinary passion have created a distinctive menu of taste bud stimulating flavours.

Beef Dendeng Bowl and Tempeh & Veg Bowl

Also debuting are the Beef Tenderloin bowls, an unique dish being the result of teaming up with barbecue bosses–Beard Brothers’ BBQ– and the recycling of coffee grinds into delicious dry marinade rubs.

Be sure to also grab a Chaiger Latte, for the proceeds go straight to raising awareness in efforts to save our national animal, the Malayan Tiger via the Rimau NGO.

rage2.0 rimau coffee
Chaiger Latte

Check out our Snapshot on for a introduction to their fabulous menu!

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