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3 Reasons Remittance with CIMB is Your International Life Line

cimb remittance deal
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With the world becoming more interconnected through work migration and “wanderlust” travelling, many people often face challenges of cross-border banking in order to keep up with monetary concerns. Regardless whether you want to send money back home to your family, helping out a friend urgently or being at the receiving end, remittance transfers should always be an easy and hassle-free transaction.

cimb remittance deal
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If you’re wondering if there’s such a bank that could quell your banking confusion and worries, CIMB is here to help you with a special Remittance service!

Borderless Banking

Connecting 200 countries all the way from Canada to New Zealand, CIMB goes further and beyond in providing convenience to people transacting for business or leisure purposes. Family and friends who need some monetary assistance can be helped in a timely fashion no matter where they are! With 200+ CIMB branches nationwide, no one is ever too far away for a quick deposit or withdrawal.

Zero Hidden Fees

CIMB remittance deal

Transferring money can be cumbersome at times. On top of the time differences that you have to put up with, it is common to incur unexpected fees that are stipulated in fine prints and hidden charges which are deducted from your total sum.

Via CIMB’s SpeedSend Zero Fee campaign (running from now until the 30 April 2020), enjoy the convenience of transferring money to the UK, USA, Australia, as well as twelve other European countries with zero fees. The recipient is guaranteed to receive the full amount!

A Touch Away

cimb remittance deal laptop access
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Banking can often be a chore, but for the modern working person, taking time out for banking can be a challange. With CIMB Clicks however, online banking is made easier and accessible 24/7!

Also with CIMB Preferred Call Centre dedicated for CIMB Preferred customers, rest assured that there’s now a service to guide you through any banking queries especially for first-timers, people who have yet to become comfortable with instant technology, and anyone else looking to complete a simple transaction.

For more information, check out CIMB’s website.

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