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Five Last-Minute Things to Check before Travelling

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The destination is set, the air tickets and rooms are booked, and now all you have to do is sit down and pack! But what do you need aside from that pretty shirt you’ve been saving for this moment, or that fancy new passport holder you finally had a reason to buy?

Here are five things you probably should double-check before going off on your jet-setting holiday or overseas business trip.


cimb travel currency
Image credit: Anete Lusina | Unsplash

We’re not judging, but some do tend to get into a frenzy of over-packing. Whether it is to show off an exciting new summer collection, or go comfy in sweater weather, it is very easy to overestimate what you might need.

Keep track of the climate of your destination, keep your spare clothing to a minimal backup of two sets, and always remember to keep a small amount of necessary medication on you in your hand luggage instead of away from you in the check in suitcases.


travel phone notify
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Besides the places that will miss you on a lengthy time away like work, don’t forget to send a message to other people that might miss you! A simple notification to your family, friends, and neighbours will suffice. A few might want to commit to some radio silence during their time away, but having at least two people know where you went might be a step of precaution you shouldn’t overlook.

And to the people you are arriving to, such as your accommodation reservations, it is always good to check in beforehand. Nothing is more welcoming than a clean bathroom and a soft bed!


travel identity
Image credit: Nicole Geri | Unsplash

As the part of travel most tied in to legal issues, maintaining some identification will help smoothen your transits and transfers. Some places might require viewing of your original passport, and others might need to hold a copy.

Ensure that your travel insurance is up to date, and covers everything that might happen to you away from your usual sites. Double-check your passport expiry date as some countries may not let you in if it has less than six months validity left, and visa requirements upon arriving at customs.

And should you be visiting a place that may unfortunately (and unprecedentedly) become unfriendly to foreign presences, identify your attendance in the area at your country’s embassy offices.


travel security
Image credit: Tierra Mallorca | Unsplash

When travelling, it is important to keep track of your belongings, even the ones you aren’t carrying. Important documents and necessary medicines must stay on your person, while checked baggage should be secure enough to get through airport hauling without damage.

And for the items you’ve temporarily left behind such as your house and work station, enlist the help of a trusted person to check on your possessions regularly. You do not want to give an inch to unscrupulous opportunists!


travel money travelcurrency
Image credit: Niels Steeman | Unsplash

Going overseas means that you’ll need some petty cash for your itinerary visiting, meals, and souvenir shopping. While activating your credit card to foreign transfers may be convenient, it is always wise to have some local currency on hand at all times. Keep in mind that some establishments will not have this payment option however! Exchanging whatever home country currency you have on you at the time may be posed with some difficulty, such as inconvenient exchange outlets, and unreasonable exchange rates.

Luckily for us, CIMB TravelCurrency aims to make this particular dilemma easier! With a 24-hour online* hassle-free purchasing service, top up some holiday cash right before you leave the airport. No more queuing up at questionable outlets or overcharged booths, and get certified genuine notes of excellent quality and equally good service at CIMB Bank Currency Exchange counters.

CIMB TravelCurrency allows purchases for up to five different currencies with a collection time of within 60 days per order, making your dream region-hopping tour all that much easier!

Time zones will not be a problem for purchasing currencies online via CIMB Clicks, and collection point will be easily available at designated airports (KLIA, KLIA2, Penang, Langkawi) and Suria KLCC. Just pick it up before you fly!

CIMB TravelCurrency Kiosk KLIA
CIMB Bank Currency Exchange Counter located at Kuala Lumpur International Airport-Satellite

CIMB TravelCurrency is open to all customers via FPX direct debit payment from other banks, and via CIMB Clicks for CIMB customers.

For more information, please visit the CIMB TravelCurrency webpage and FAQ here.

*If you place an order before the cut-off time (4pm daily), the earliest collection date is the next day. If you place an order after the cut-off time, the earliest collection date is the day after tomorrow.

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