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Confirmed: Malaysian Gov’t Officially Snubs Expats and MM2Hers

Image Credit | Khaleej Times
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BREAKING NEWS: In a development that is quite frankly staggering, we have learned that in the event of foreigners who reside in Malaysia being overseas at the time of the implementation of the government’s Restricted Movement Order, they will NOT be permitted to return to Malaysia, with very limited exceptions, as follows, per the directive from the National Security Council:

Foreign Visitor Entry: Not allowed, except those with diplomatic status, permanent residents, expatriates in essential services and must undergo 14-day self-quarantine and is on a case to case basis.

Press Release, National Security Council, Prime Minister’s Office, 18 March 2020

As MM2Hers are not permitted to work, they would certainly not qualify to re-enter Malaysia. Even most working expats would unlikely meet the “essential services” threshold, and we feel that the “case to case basis” language only serves to confuse the issue further.

We must emphasise that these are people who live and work here, pay taxes or otherwise spend and invest money here, are part of their communities, whose homes and families are here – and in some cases, their businesses – that these are in fact legal, legitimate residents of Malaysia – most of whom have given their talent, their money, and their livelihoods to this country. In the case of MM2Hers, our own research shows that some 60% of them plan to spend the rest of their lives here. And yet, apparently if they try to return to their homes following nothing more than an unfortunately timed trip overseas, they are prohibited from doing so.

We are shocked at this decision, and in the hope that it’s simply a matter of confusion or oversight – many of these decisions are being made hastily in the face of an unprecedented and rapidly changing course of events – we implore the Malaysian government to reverse course on this matter, and to reconsider the decision to block visa-holding expats and MM2Hers from re-entering their “home away from home.”

While we could understand denying entry to MM2H visa holders who DO NOT reside in Malaysia, for those who can show that they live here, or for expats holding a legitimate Employment Pass, we can see no benefit, nor any reason, to deny their entry into Malaysia.

To obtain further information, or to perhaps register your unhappiness with this directive, you may call the National Operations Administration Centre, National Security Council at 03-8888 2010.

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