Important Notice for Pet Parents During Malaysia’s MCO

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With Malaysia under its current lockdown in a bid to curtail speedily rising numbers of Covid-19 cases, pet parents who are seeking treatment for their fur-babies must also adhere to several guidelines as implemented by all vet centres.

Here are the 5 guidelines that must be taken into consideration if you have sick pet:

  1. Kindly contact your nearest vet to make an appointment articulating the cause for your visit. No one is allowed entry at any veterinary premises without a valid appointment for treatment, or to purchase medical supplies, merchandise, and pet food. Do note that your appointment may be cancelled if you are more than 10 minutes late.
  2. Only 1 person per pet will be allowed to enter vet premises to avoid overcrowding receptions areas. Any other accompanying person will have to wait in their respective transportations, or outside vet clinics until appointments are complete.
  3. Pet parents making vet visits will have to don mandatory face masks and use available hand sanitizers before proceeding with appointments.
  4. IF you are found to be exhibiting any symptoms of cough, flu, fever, or sore throat, you will NOT be allowed to enter the premises.
  5. All ward visits for pets boarding at vet facilities are NOT ALLOWED for the time being until the MCO is lifted. You will be notified to pick up your pet only when they are being discharged.

Stay safe everyone, and make sure to stock up responsibly on proper food and nutrition for your furries!

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