Four Sources to Keep You Entertained and Educated

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As we enter the second half of the Movement Control Order (MCO), no doubt by now we would have identified key areas that make or break our moods for the day.

Work can be never-ending, and our focus is bound to spiral out of control, so here are some notable online resources to help us take a break and enjoy some quiet time alone or with the family for free.

1. Amazon Global Audiobooks are free:

Looking to improve your listening habits, or get your child to go beyond their syllabus-sanctioned literature (and also train their listening and audio-focusing skills)?

listening tour
Image credit: Alireza Attari | Unsplash

Audible Stories are available for children who are temporarily unable to go to school around the world. All audio books are available for free, with content ranging from preschool to classic literature. Best of all, you do not need to pre-download any apps, no login is required, no ads to break the immersion, and many other languages such as English, German, French, Italian, and Japanese are available at all levels of understanding.

Link at:

2. 17 museums across the world are offering free online virtual tours:

While much of the Western world is facing the horrible predicament of being the new epicenter of the COVID-19 havoc, their state-of-the-art museums have found a way to uphold their important role of preserving arts and culture.

Louvre museum
Image credit: Alex Holyoake | Unsplash

Institutions such as The Louvre may be physically off-limits, but an online walk-through of the museum’s Egyptian and Medieval sections are open for viewing.

From the Guggenheim Museum in New York, home to the Modern Art movement, to the Gallery of the Uffizi in Florence, collecting the most influential of Medici artwork, and a special Asian feature of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, an afternoon among the great works of man, even virtually, will be an afternoon well spent.

Link at: (please utilise Google Translate if you do not understand French)

3. Cambridge Publishing, UK, offers 700 online reading editions of their books:

Students and teaching staff rejoice! If you’re looking to bulk up some research, or go down an educational rabbit hole, take a gander in one of the world’s most pedagogically sound databases.

book tour
Image credit: Clay Banks | Unsplash

Everything from Computer Science to Statistics have been made available in response to the secondary effects of the COVID-19 handling, and made available in HTML format for easy compression.

The free reading period is until the end of May, and includes some Christian and theological works.

Link at:

4. Online Broadway Musical makes popular plays free:

Curious to see what Cats was supposed to look like with proper costuming? Or witness an all-female Shakespeare Triology?

broadway sign
Image credit: Jordhan Madec | Unsplash

BroadwayHD, an online streaming service that has made plays available for theater fans who live too far away or can’t afford tickets to a run, has curated playlists for you to sing your heart out to.

Let us know if Hamilton is on there!

Link at:

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