Practicing Togetherness during a Lockdown

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If you are blessed enough to be stuck at home with your loved ones during this very challenging MCO period, count yourselves as one of the lucky ones! Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world right now are facing the loss of loved ones, jobs, financial stability, and security, and it is forcing everyone of us to reflect on what we can truly feel grateful for at this time.

While most might be inclined to be fixated on social media in trying to keep up with the news, or in an effort to distract ourselves, why not use this time in quarantine to make a difference with the ones who are with us.

At the heart of the matter, our most prized “possessions” are the people who we love, and love us in return. With many facing a lack of motivation, hopelessness, and even helplessness right now, a good way to keep up morale is to strengthen communication ties with friends, family, and our respective communities who are all in this together.


For those who are privileged enough to have working internet connections in their homes right now, this is practically a lifeline to connect with friends and family around the world if you are currently not with them. Conquer feelings of isolation by video calling the people that you care about or even people whom you probably haven’t spoken to in a while.

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Sending a little positivity someone else’s way could do wonders as we never really know what they might be struggling with at this point of time. Families who are spread across the globe can only rely on connectivity while we’re all cooped up at home, so make the best of it and spread some love!

Indoor Picnics

Turn your mealtimes into something interactive and fun by having an indoor picnic! Forget mundane routine for it’s time to throw out the rules, and create some precious memories during a difficult time.

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Dig out the most colourful blanket, rug, or bed sheet, and make some room in your living area, balcony or garden. Plan a simple and nutritious menu with your partner, flatmates, spouse, or children and get everyone involved in preparing something for the picnic. Put away all devices and enjoy eating together and feeding each other with some background music to lift those spirits.


Parents, you now have ample time with the bundles of joy you chose to bring into the world; make it count. This is the perfect opportunity to really get to know your children. Remember that your offspring are not an extension of you, and that they are individuals with their own thoughts and feelings. Most importantly, they are a product of their everyday environment so this is a great time to find out how you’ve been doing as parents so far.

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Instead of giving your kids things to occupy their time, get involved with their activities, let loose, and embrace the kid in you that has sat idle for too long. Play! Indulging in your inner child will get those endorphins flowing, and before you know it, everyone is having a thorough chuckle enjoying themselves over silly games and stories. Have those long conversations you’ve been shelving for a while, and listen closely when your children are pouring out their hearts to you. They will never forget it and your bond will only get stronger.

Learn New Dance Moves

Physical activities need not be overlooked while being stuck at home with the kids. After all, pent up energy needs to be channeled somewhere so why not do something engaging for the whole family and put yourselves on TikTok! It’s not as easy as it looks, and before you know it, hours could go by just trying to get the choreography right and well timed to the music. Remember, it’s a team effort, so if tempers start flaring, take a break and reconfigure after everyone has calmed down because the main objective is to have fun!


Professing Gratitude

Globally, we are all facing what is the epitome of inconveniences to our daily lives, but ultimately, if we are lucky enough to still experience good health while so many others cannot say the same, we have every reason to be thankful. A great way to keep collective morale up every night is to have each member of your family express one thing they are grateful for. By saying this out loud, it helps us to stay focused on the good things while we fight though a pandemic together.

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