Seven Video Games to Play if You’re Struggling with Work

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Unless you have the discipline of a saint, or by some other extraordinary form of self-control, many would be finding maintenance of a steady work-from-home stream pretty much difficult by now. This expectation of working under monumental circumstances can take a toll on productivity, so why not divert the frustrations to something different in the meantime?

Below are a few video games you can play solo or with a family member to alleviate stagnancy, and give you that few minutes of regathering yourself.

And if you are in a shared situation of not having the privilege of affording a console or operating system, have fun watching the lets-plays detailing what the game is about!

1. Answer Knot

This simple video game details a wife talking her husband while on the way home from work. You play the husband, who apparently can’t pick up the phone, but your wife is understanding enough without resorting to a Doraemon voice to communicate with you. Gameplay revolves around tasks your wife hints at you to do while she makes her way home, but nowadays that isn’t an easy journey in itself.

Rating: 9/10 stars in 291 reviews

Available on: Steam for Windows and Mac OS X for FREE here.

If you can’t download to play, watch here:

2. Night of the Consumers

Forget Nemesis and the zombies of Resident Evil, the real horror lies in the service industry! You are the grocery’s newest staff, in charge of stocking shelves and performing little acts of customer service. Gameplay involves guiding customers to requested sections, and dealing with your manager. How’s that for building empathy towards our retail staff during this time of need?

Rating: 4.6/5 in 86 reviews.

Available on: itch.io for Windows only at RM8.33 here.


If you can’t download to play, watch here:

3. 911 Operator

Another operating system that is also under high pressure during times of emergency, try your hand at being part of the emergency response unit! Gameplay involves answering incoming calls to the hotline and delegating dispatch units, as well as handling issuing of first aid, audio support, or simply deciding when to ignore a call. A special feature of the game is that you can choose the region to function in, from LA to Jakarta!

Rating: 9/10 in 6,797 reviews.

Available on: Steam for Windows and Mac OS X at RM31.00 here.

If you can’t download to play, watch here:

Disclaimer: Strong Language

4. Raft

Limited resources, passing days, only a few square feet to exist. Sound familiar? Well, in all fairness, a home with fresh water, resources, and a constant supply of food is a luxury, and this game will remind you so. Gameplay involves you stuck on a raft, and essential supplies floating by you. Be smart and reel them in before you lose them and the light of day.

Rating: 9/10 in 38,602 reviews.

Available on: Steam for Windows only at RM38 here.

If you can’t download to play, watch here:


5. 60 Seconds!

QUICK! Panic-buy in your own house a minute before a nuclear bomb hits!! And don’t forget to grab your family members before you jump into the bunker. As head of the house, it is your task to grab essentials around your house and ration it to the family members you have saved. A daily diary entry will tell you how well you’ve done, and how some of your surviving party fared.

Rating: 9/10 in 8,558 reviews.

Available on: Steam for Windows and Mac OS X for RM21 here.

If you can’t download to play, watch here:

6. Totally Reliable Delivery Service

While the delivery industry is no joke, especially since it is the community’s lifeline during the Movement Control period, this video game will bring you some laughs as you emulate the experience solo or with friends! Grapple onto gliders and catapult yourselves over ravines to get the package to the address stated!

Rating: 9/10 in 2,606 reviews.

Available on: totallyreliable.com for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows (FREE on EpicGames until 8th April).

If you can’t download to play, watch here:

7. BattleBlock Theater

The OG of indie co-op video games, playing this with a beloved or a family member can either result in you settling previous disputes, or making entirely new ones. Gameplay involves an adorable, quirky story line, and large side scrolling maps for you and a partner to traverse. The more gems you collect, the more upgrades you’ll get, including a set of masks that will keep the laughs going!

Ratings: 10/10 in 40,467 reviews.

Available on: Steam for Windows, Mac OS X, and Steam OS + Linux at RM31 here. Also available for Xbox One.

If you can’t download to play, watch here:

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