An Empowered Community Empowers Community

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Smells like community spirit! Garden International School is pleased to announce the launch of its new online community, Smarter Stronger Together.

All over the world, people are finding new, innovative ways to come together; to share, collaborate, and become a force for good.

With community spirit at an all-time high, we decided to create a platform all parents deserve. SmarterStrongerTogether is an online tribute to you, parents, providing a place to feel inspired, lifted, and encouraged. A platform for our families to connect, ask questions, share tips, find new ideas… but most of all, to feel supported.

Looking for ways to keep family life happy and healthy? We’ve got you! Check out our smart family content hub at Just pick a category or select an age group, and get inspiring content shared by parents worldwide sorted and tailored to your needs. It’s just one click away.

Or join our conversation on FB: share your tips, connect, and support with other parents at @SmarterStrongerTogether.

Together we know more; together we can achieve more, together we will succeed. 

An empowered community, empowers community!


Powered by Garden International School. A learning community at heart.

FB: @SmarterStrongerTogether



Email: [email protected]

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