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Getting the Most Out of Distance Learning

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We are living in extraordinary times, and it certainly calls for extraordinary measures.

With technology helping us, many people are working from home while maintaining their productivity levels. Meanwhile, learning institutions around the world are implementing virtual classrooms to ensure that students remain on track and their study progress is not interrupted.

For us at Tenby Schools, our schools and education teams are always ready for Distance Learning. Even in a virtual classroom environment, we are putting learners and learning first. Guided by the technology and expertise of the International Schools Partnership, a global group of 45 schools which we are a part of, we challenge our teachers to show that Amazing Learning can happen in a time of restricted movement.

Effective Learning In An Online Classroom

Effective learning does not necessarily happen only when everyone is physically present at the same time and same place.

Technology has made flexibility in time and space possible for lessons. But one component of learning that technology cannot provide is community connection. To maintain quality learning in a virtual classroom, schools have to make changes to how they connect with students, to maintain the vital social aspects of learning.

Even when teaching virtually, our teachers take care to connect meaningfully with students. They are fully focused on ensuring students are getting better through their online experience. Our teachers are also constantly observing students’ responses: whether they are paying attention during lessons, have a clear focus on learning, and what their emotional states are. To keep students motivated and engaged, they help them connect what they learn with real life. Teachers also take care to adapt the pace and space of the lessons to suit students’ needs and invite continuous feedback to gauge how well they are doing.

With these touchstones guiding our teaching, we’re able to provide an immersive and rewarding learning environment that works across age groups and curriculums.

Distance Learning, Done Right

Over the coming weeks, you may have some questions about what Distance Learning is going to look like. Students are used to a school environment, so we understand that the idea of learning from home may seem odd.

To help students get the most from Distance Learning, our team have compiled a list of things that you can do to help ensure your child’s Amazing Learning doesn’t stop.

Establish routines and expectations

  • Create a timetable based on learning times with the class teacher
  • Review what, when, how and where will they be learning every day

Define physical spaces for learning with your child

  • Work out with them what kind of environment best supports their learning
  • Be mindful that this may change depending on the type of learning they are engaged in

Get actively involved in your child’s learning

  • Ask questions, show curiosity, help them to process their thinking, inquire together
  • Encourage your child to self-assess their progress and think about what they have learned

Support your child’s wellbeing

  • Talk openly about any concerns they have
  • Make sure they take regular breaks
  • Build physical activity into the day

Create guidelines for online safety together

  • Set limits for time spent online
  • Share general e-safety practices

Support collaboration

  • Make sure your child has access to their friends and classmates for support

If you have any questions about learning from home, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or school leadership team. We are here to help and support anyway we can.

Meanwhile, stay safe and stay strong. We’ll get through this together!

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To find out more about International Schools Partnership (ISP) and to secure your child’s place with the Tenby Schools family, please visit: tenby.edu.my.

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