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Tenby Schools: The Right Environment For Success

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Choosing the right school for your child is a major decision which can be quite daunting. There are many factors to consider including the teachers, the facilities, the programmes, and more. However, the most important factor is the one that underpins everything else – the school’s learning culture and environment. If a school is serious about supporting student progress and achievement, ensuring a school culture and environment that is conducive to excellence is a top priority.

A school’s environment includes the physical, academic and cultural aspects of the school. But why is it so important? Simply put, it is because it makes an impression on students which can affect the way they learn and how prepared they are to take these learnings forward in their lives.

According to the American National Association of School Psychologists:

“A school’s environment — and the degree to which students feel connected, accepted, and respected — heavily influences their academic achievement, mental health, and overall school success.”

In this respect, Tenby Schools is able to stand tall as one of the most well established and experienced educational institutions in Malaysia today.

A Long Heritage Of Education Excellence

The Tenby Schools group has pride of place as one of the pioneers of international quality private education in Malaysia. In fact, our first school was established in Ipoh all the way back in 1960 to provide high-quality British education to the children of expatriates in Perak.

Over the years, we have grown into one of the largest groups of private international schools in South-East Asia, with six purpose-built campuses throughout Malaysia, offering parents the option of an International or Malaysian National syllabus education. We are also part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a prestigious and growing network of 45 international schools in 12 countries around the world. Together, our aim is to inspire excellence in our students, empowering them to be independent and self-motivated learners ready for the challenges of the wider world.

From our experience, we also understand that there are three types of environments at school that influence a student’s learning experience.

The Learning Environment – A Focus On Amazing Learning

At Tenby Schools, we emphasise the growth of the “whole person.” Our holistic approach not only facilitates academic excellence, but character building as well, which is just as important in contributing to a child’s overall development as academic pursuits.

Drawing on our 60-year heritage of educational experience, as well as the latest evidence-based approaches, we take every opportunity to give our students outstanding learning experiences. Underpinning all of this is our desire to see our students experience Amazing Learning on a daily basis.

Amazing Learning happens when students realise that they are doing something they did not think they could ever do. To deliver Amazing Learning, we intentionally focus on challenging children to take personal responsibility for their academic, social and emotional growth. When they amaze themselves enough times with the progress they can make through perseverance, they learn to understand that they have the ability and character to be successful in anything they put their mind to.

Our consistently excellent academic results are proof of the effectiveness of this approach.

The Physical Environment – Facilities And Spaces

Our schools are more than just one-dimensional exam factories. They are gateways to wider, more rewarding experiences, and a platform for our students to broaden their horizons and develop a global mindset. To achieve this, the built environment of our schools is of utmost importance.

All of our schools sit on modern, purpose-built campuses located in tranquil surroundings, perfect for learning and growth as they are free from distractions. Our campuses are home to a rich range of resources – from well-equipped classrooms and spaces for the sciences and arts, to state-of-the-art sports facilities where students can comfortably enjoy over 100 co-curricular activities.

This reflects our commitment to our students’ holistic development, so that they can grow into confident, skilled and well-balanced adults who lead truly fulfilling lives.

The Cultural Environment – Diversity and Global-Mindedness

At any Tenby School, you will see a highly diverse community of students and faculty comprising dozens of nationalities, coming together to learn and interact in a spirit of open-mindedness and positivity.

Whether your child enters the International or Malaysian National programme, he or she will benefit from a range of local and global perspectives. Our schools may comprise different curricular content, but outside of the classroom students are encouraged to socialise and make friends as one large student community. This dual-stream system extends to co-curricular activities, where students have the opportunity to take part in school-wide initiatives, activities and trips that bring them closer to others from different year groups, curriculums and social circles.

Why do this? In short, it is because at the end of the day we want to prepare students to be internationally-minded people who can adapt to a 21st Century world with the ability to live and thrive in a multitude of cultures. And, with our unique dual-stream system, we have the ideal opportunity to give students these important life experiences within a safe and enjoyable school setting. So why not use it?

What Environment Do You Seek?

All parents are passionate about giving their children the right environment for success, yet what makes an environment “right” depends on what you envision for your child. For that reason, we adopt an open-minded yet evidence-based approach to education at Tenby Schools.

We know that the world, and what it demands of graduates, is constantly changing in this day and age. And, instead of giving our students all the answers, we want to give them every resource they need – whether physical, cultural or learning-based – that will empower them to independently find the answers they seek in a way that is authentic to them. To us, this is a greater goal and what it truly means to provide an environment for success.

To find out more about International Schools Partnership (ISP) and to secure your child’s place with the Tenby Schools family, please visit: tenby.edu.my.

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