Soon, Everyone Can Fly… Again!

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AirAsia, a low-cost carrier which began its operations in 2001, requires no further introduction to anyone residing in Malaysia. Over the years, the airline has flown millions of guests across Asia Pacific, serving over 150 destinations. AirAsia has made affordable travelling in the region a reality for most people – and we’ve lost count of how many times AirAsia has won the coveted Skytrax award for Best Low-Cost Airline. (Okay, we checked… it’s 11 times!)

When it comes to low-cost airlines, everyone else is just playing for second place | Image Credit: AirAsia Newsroom

While travelling might not be a priority in the near future as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, there will still be people who are required to travel for work or other personal reasons. More so, when this pandemic passes, people will begin making plans to get away for a much-needed break, even if it is to a nearby destination. In particular, those who had flights cancelled during the pandemic, and resorted to either converting their flight bookings into a credit account that can be used in the next 365 days or are changing flight bookings at no additional cost to any date before October 31, 2020, will definitely be on the lookout for available offers. With a sluggish economy looming ahead, it is certain that most people will find ways to make the most of their budget.

In a recent report in The Star, Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia, was quoted saying, “When we return, a low-cost product would be more viable, and we think in the immediate future, travel will be regional and won’t be cross-continental. So we think we’re in a good spot, both AirAsia and AirAsiaX.”

The next-gen Airbus A321neo is the latest addition to the AirAsia fleet | Image Credit: AirAsiaa Newsroom

In all likelihood, that is a true statement. With people looking for more affordable travel opportunities, AirAsia will likely be a go-to airline by choice. Known for its attractive offers, there will surely be an AirAsia deal that suits every budget-conscious traveller. To begin, be sure to join and become a BIG Member, a loyalty programme allowing members to earn BIG points for free flights, receive flight discounts, gain priority access to sales, use on lifestyle purchases, and more. Furthermore, with AirAsia’s all-inclusive website, accommodation, transportation, insurance, and even designated travel packages can all be made under one portal.

For those deciding to proceed with a flight booking, AirAsia offers add-on options besides the standard airfare and free 7kg cabin baggage allowance. (AirAsia briefly changed this to 5kg, but quickly reversed course and confirmed they would maintain the 7kg/one piece allowance for cabin baggage.) Guests are given the flexibility to select the services required based on available options. However, for more added value, guests may also consider bundle packages, Value Pack or Premium Flex, which offer further discounted rates for seat selections, pre-booked meals, check-in baggage, premium lounge access, and even the flexibility to change flight schedules. In addition, AirAsiaX offers the Premium Flatbed, a wide seat that is convertible to a flatbed for that extra comfort on longer flights.

When it comes to meal selection, most will appreciate a menu that caters to different food preferences. AirAsia’s in-flight meals can be ordered from its Santan menu offering a wide selection of ASEAN, international, and vegetarian options with a slight menu variation depending on the flight destination. Popular meal options such as Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak, Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, and Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice are available on most flights. With the availability of the pre-booked meal option, guests can enjoy savings of up to 44 percent as compared to purchasing a meal on-board.

Yup, AirAsia’s inflight meals have won awards, too | Image Credit: Inflight Feed

Over the years, AirAsia has explored and implemented ways to increase efficiency and guest convenience without compromising on the quality of its service. With self-check-in, for example, guests are able to check in as early as 14 days before the scheduled flight via AirAsia’s website or mobile app. This has resulted in less time spent waiting at airport counters. In addition, with the implementation of self-check-in kiosks and automated baggage drop-off at selected airports, guests are able to print baggage tags and proceed to baggage drop-off much more quickly and efficiently. Although most systems are automated, ground crew members are always ready to serve any guest who requires assistance.

With all the possible savings and planning ahead, we have one last piece of information for future travellers. Modern airliners are equipped with True High-Efficiency Particle Filters (True HEPA), a filtration system that captures airborne microbes and microscopic particles as small as bacteria and viruses up to 99 percent, making the air quality clean and safe for guests in an enclosed airplane cabin. With that, no matter when you plan to fly again, have a safe flight.

Do kindly take note that, in line with AirAsia’s newly announced flight safety standards, passengers are required to bring and wear a face mask for the duration of their flight, as well as during check-in, boarding, and luggage pick-up. Passengers who do not have a face mask will not be permitted to board their flight.

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