From Farm to Doorstep: Fix Your Durian Cravings with Home Deliveries in Penang

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Your wish to visit durian orchards might have come to a screeching halt this year, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the your favourite thorny fruit. Thankfully, numerous farms and stalls in Penang are providing delivery to right to your doorstep. With taste buds that crave anything creamy, rich, and distinctive, Penangites will be thoroughly pleased by the choices of durian on offer.

Bao Sheng Durian Farm

With more than 60 years of experience, this 6.7-acre durian plantation has been a household name among locals and tourists alike. Under the stewardship of Chang Teik Seng (also known as Durian Seng), the fruits are grown with pesticide-free organic methods resulting in excellent quality produce. Perennial favourites are D604, Black Thorn, Green Skin, and Hor Lor, but putting up a tough fight to top the list is their rare “Numb” durian. If you can’t make up your mind, opt for the mixed durian box which starts at RM98.

Delivery: Penang island only

Contact: +6012-4110600

Shan Cheng Durian Farm 

Everything works just as nature intended at Shan Cheng Durian Farm. The durians usually take a few extra weeks to ripen due to a higher sea level altitude. As such, these high hill durians are said to have a sharper aroma and intense flavour compared to others. The owners also ferment their own enzymes to make organic compost to maintain a balanced ecosystem at the orchard. All these efforts will be appreciated when you sink your teeth in their aromatic and creamy Red Prawn durian.

Contact: +6010-2748988

8321 Durian Plantation

If a day’s worth of fasting or isolation got you yearning for good quality durian, this Teluk Bahang-based plantation is another safe bet. They are particularly known for their signature D11 breed, which is obtained from durian trees that are at least 50 years old, ensuring addictively thick, creamy, and sticky durian flesh. While you’re at it, do to try their extraordinary fresh honey with durian and jackfruit fragrance.

Delivery: Minimum order of 1 durian, delivers to whole Penang Island. Mainland delivery only on Monday and Friday. No delivery charges.

Contact: Eric Yeap (+6016-4344263) Rex (+6017-4707407)

Song Hai Durian Farm

Given that this durian farm has more than 50 years of experience and have been featured on Astro’s AEC Channel, it can only be a good omen for durian lovers. The Red Prawn durian, with its vibrant flesh and intensely sweet flavour is their claim to fame, but do not discount all the other available breeds. Add on mangosteens, nangka, and rambutans for a tropical fruit feast.


Contact: WB Tang (+6019-4744439), CC Tang (+6012-4126304), Ms Ooi (+6012-4297922)

Ah Teik Zai Durian

What first started out as a humble cart over 50 years ago by Ah Teik’s grandfather, today, has expanded to a stretch of durian-shrouded carts. The intense-bitter Black Thorn and subtle-sweet D604 often get snapped up in a matter of minutes, followed by Lipan, Capri, Susu, Musang King and more. The fruits are freshly plucked from the farm daily and properly packed with vacuum sealing, therefore, wait at home with high expectations.

Contact: +6012-9875200, +6017-4605039 (Whatsapp). Order before 1pm for delivery within the same day. Orders after 1pm will be delivered the next day.

Durian Kaki

Metaphorically, this stall is a durian wonderland for the people of Paya Terubong. From the infamous Musang King to Black Thorn, Capri to Choo Chun and everything in between, your visualization of a durian buffet with your family is totally achievable. Variety aside, what keeps customers coming back is the value for money.

Delivery: Within Penang Island only. Orders worth RM100 get free delivery. Next day delivery only.

Contact: +6012-4235520 and +6019-5898998

Ah Huat Durian

Durian carries connotations of being expensive, but regulars of Ah Huat Durian bet on the opposite. However, this is just one part of the lure. Straight from Balik Pulau farm, be spoilt with choices like D604, Little Red, and Red Prawn, but also be on the lookout for their rare range of Coupling Durians.

Delivery: Only within Penang Island

Contact: +6016-4306573

Audi Dream Farm

You may know this mini farm for its hands-on activities with animals and naturally grown vegetables. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they do deliver an array of greens, eggs, and chickens during the MCO. And now Balik Pulau orchard-grown durians are added to the list. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.


Delivery: Free delivery with a minimum order of RM50. Delivery to Butterworth on Sundays for orders placed by Friday at 6pm.

Contact: Message their Facebook page Audi Dream Farm here.

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