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NEW UPDATES (June 17): Step-by-Step Procedures for Stranded MM2Hers Returning to Malaysia

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Scroll down to see the latest rules and procedures for re-entry, updated June 17.

The decision to allow Malaysia My Second Home visa holders (MM2Hers) into the country, with the announcement coming about three weeks ago, was certainly welcomed after they had been denied entry to Malaysia, effectively being locked out of their homes for two months. Some have had a tough time of it and, like us, could not understand why the government could let in tens of thousands of Malaysians returning from overseas, but not a few hundred foreigners who had made their homes in Malaysia.

MM2Hers are now permitted to return to Malaysia, but there are several procedures and rules which must be closely followed. Scroll down for a complete, itemised list of these rules. The requirements and procedures were amended again by Malaysian authorities on June 17.


The following sets out the latest rules for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa holders to return to Malaysia. It should be noted that different rules apply for people holding employment passes, or spouse/dependent visas.

There have been a number of changes to the rules since MM2Hers were first permitted to return, but these rules are the latest, and have fortunately now been made a little easier on some points (as of June 17):

  1. As before, you are required to register with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, or MOTAC (details HERE), and they will send you an automated reply confirming you are registered. IMPORTANT: If you have registered previously, but have not received the confirmation email, they may not know you are planning to return. Register again.
  2. You do nothing, just wait for MOTAC to email you with approval to return. They will get permission from immigration and send you an email, which you should then use to check in for the flight home and to show immigration on arrival. They expect to be able to send this to you within three days of registration.
  3. You are required to have a PCR Covid-19 test swab test abroad prior to your return. The official time window is now three days, which is tough, but a few things should be noted. The exceptions below were received from people who are returning here.
    • The test results should be dated three days before you board the flight. It is not the test itself which has to be within three days, but the date of the results.
    • Also note the flight time is considered as additional time, not part of the three days.
    • Finally, for people living in countries where they will not give the test unless you display symptoms, they are accepting a doctor’s certificate to say ‘this person displays no symptoms’ of the disease. We have seen an email from the Ministry of Health confirming this.
  4. You are also required to download and install the MySejahtera app on your mobile phone (available for Android and iOS).


On arrival, you will have to show the approval letter from MOTAC and the negative Covid-19 test results to immigration officers. You will most likely be tested for Covid-19 again. A wristband will be affixed for the two-week home quarantine, and there is a RM1,000 penalty for self-removal. This can only be removed by health officials upon successful completion of quarantine, which presumably will include another swab test.

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