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Australian International School Malaysia Sets A New Benchmark in Online Learning

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Established over twenty years ago, Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) has chronicled an admirable history of success up to date. This can be credited to the diligence of AISM’s excellent teaching staff, their enthusiasm for nurturing the wellbeing of students within a strong schooling community and commitment to delivering the Australian Curriculum while setting high standards in international education in Malaysia. AISM is a hidden gem which is built on a 7.5 acre green campus in a guarded locale in Seri Kembangan that looks over the scenic South Lake of Mines Resort City. The school is within a 30 minute ride from most expatriate suburban locales such as Ampang, Subang Jaya, Bangsar and just a stone’s throw from 3 gated expatriate residences by the school.

Even when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its infant stages in Malaysia, AISM proactively and immediately developed a contingency learning plan and carefully monitored the situation. All events and activities in school were postponed, temperature checks were conducted at the entrance of the school and students were taught to take necessary precautions to avoid unnecessary risks. Hence, when the MCO was enforced, AISM was prepared for a seamless transition from physical classroom learning to virtual online learning with no pause between the last day of students at school and the first day of online learning at home.

Termed as the Continuity of Learning programme at AISM, Middle and Senior School students still adhere to their usual timetable and attend their online classes to have daily face-to-face communication with all of their subject teachers in every lesson. Young learners in Junior School also join regular face-to-face virtual sessions with their teachers and classmates where they are motivated to touch base, interact, share information and ask questions. Everyday, a learning guide is shared for our younger learners which includes videos of the teachers providing explicit teaching and verbal instructions for students to perform tasks physically to minimise their screen time. 

From conducting online assemblies via Google Meet to creating music videos while jamming at home, students and teachers at AISM have pushed their limits and found creative ways to make the best of online learning. With various remote teaching tools and platforms, teachers at AISM capably deliver effective online lessons based on active learning approaches and provide our learners with differentiated support and guidance. 

While online, attendance rates at AISM have remained well above 90%, which is close to typical numbers on a normal schooling day. AISM has created various possibilities for students to acquire information and lessons even if they are unable to join the live classes. Parents and teachers have been extremely accommodating in these unprecedented times, at the same time emphasising daily structure so that students have a sense of personal responsibility and routine. The results of the Continuity of Learning programme at AISM have been incredibly positive and feedback from parents is evidence of this success.

“From the online lessons attended by our children, it is evident that the teachers from both JS and MSS have been very enthusiastic, well structured, clear and creative in their approach. Their efforts have helped our children adapt well and continue to progress in and enjoy their learning.”  (AISM Parent – Dr Aliza)

Take part in AISM’s Virtual Open Week from 1 to 5 June 2020 to have a sneak preview into life at AISM and discover more about the School’s impressive facilities and extensive curriculum. Join in the diversified programme of presentations and ask questions about studying at Australian International School Malaysia. Our Principal (Liam King) and Heads of Schools (Michelle Chaplin and Ivan McLean) will happily respond to all your enquiries.

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