Furnishing Hope to Those In Need

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For some expats, life overseas is a long-term proposition. They move abroad, settle down, put down roots, and stay. But the really long-term expats like these are probably still the minority. For many, expat living is still based on job assignments, oftentimes for a specified time period. So for these expats, moving is just part of the package.

When it comes time to relocate (or even just downsize), sometimes figuring out what to do with extra furniture and household items can be a chore. Some expats have enough time to sell these items, but many don’t. So they wind up leaving them behind or throwing them out.

Now, there’s a better choice. Badass Monkies, a local philanthropic NGO, in conjunction with such companies as Intermovers, Allied Pickfords, Asian Tigers, and AGS, have launched a furniture campaign, accepting donations of furniture and other household items in good shape to help raise funds for those in need.

It’s a great alternative to throwing things out or leaving them behind for landlords to deal with when making a move.

To learn more, visit their website and see how you can contribute by donating your unwanted furniture!

About Badass Monkies

Started back in 2011 by British-Jamaican Natasha Reuben, who relocated from London to KL, Badass Monkies is a cheeky, unconventional charitable organisation which works to help underprivileged families and at-risk groups in Greater KL, largely through its work with other charity groups. Badass Monkies is unique in that they don’t directly accept monetary contributions, but rather work alongside credible, licensed charities with their events and campaigns, all dedicated to supporting those who need it most.

Caring for the community is a big part of the Badass Monkies philosophy, and they offer a range of funky wearables from hoodies to shorts that supporters can purchase from their website, with proceeds going to support and help those in need.

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