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New Lineup from Starbucks Brings Outdoor Fun Inside

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Summer fun at Starbucks continues with a mix of new flavors and experiences.

Starbucks is offering vibrant new flavors and a luscious new treat as a way to wrap up the last days of summer. Celebrate the end of a tumultuous last few months with the Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino, a decadent treat for all chocolate lovers alike. For more refreshing options, why not try-out the thirst-quenching Mango Matcha Freeze and Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew, a cooling beverage that brings together the best of two worlds – slow steeped cold brew coffee and Teavana™ premium tea.

But customers will need to hurry before the season ends, and starting 13 July onwards these beverages will be available in Starbucks stores in Malaysia just for a limited time only.

NEW! Starbucks® Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino

Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino

Indulge in the perfect combination of nutty and sweet with the new Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino blended beverage. This beverage is crafted with a unique blend of Starbucks very own Frappuccino roast and rich chocolatey hazelnut sauce, topped with mocha whipped cream and a generous heap of almond crunch for a satisfying finish. This beverage is only available as a blended handcrafted beverage.

NEW! Starbucks® Mango Matcha Freeze

Mango Matcha Freeze

The new Mango Matcha Freeze offers a tangy, tropical twist on the relaxing refreshment of Teavana™ Matcha. The summer beverage is an icy blend of smooth and creamy matcha, sweetened with mango and passionfruit juice. A scoop of mango jelly with chunks of mango adds a vibrant pop of flavor and color. This beverage is available only as an iced handcrafted beverage.

NEW! Starbucks® Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew

Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew

Celebrate summer with the new Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew – a deliciously fruity twist to our signature Cold Brew. Made with Teavana™ Hibiscus tea, the Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew is flavored with luscious hibiscus flowers and real mixed berries that complement the smooth texture and naturally sweet flavor of Cold Brew. Garnished with an orange slice of citrus, the summer beverage is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Starbucks 16oz Confetti Mug
Starbucks 16oz Confetti Water Bottle

For the wanderlust in all of us, don’t fret because Starbucks is launching a camping-themed merchandise range that will make your home feel like the great outdoors. Featuring motifs of the forest and its furry friends, the Starbucks Outdoor Adventure Merchandise collection includes an assortment of water bottles, tumblers, mugs, cold cups and lifestyle accessories that will surely ignite your adventurous spirit. Complementing the collection is the Summer Seasonal Starbucks Card with a design that illustrates a calm picnic setting and a symbol of hope in a new normal.

FY20 Rwanda 250g

New to its coffee lineup is the Rwanda Single Origin coffee, a Starbucks Blonde Roast coffee. This coffee, cultivated by Rwanda’s talented female farmers, is just one example of resiliency and hard work that are transforming the country. For decades women have played a key role in revitalizing the coffee industry in Rwanda, assuming roles of leadership and using their voices to lift their communities. Through its highly complex notes and crisp lemon-lime acidity, Starbucks hopes that this coffee will be a vehicle of strength and connection for its customers in a ‘new normal’.

Salted Egg Smoked Chicken Macaroni
Cheesy Chicken Baked Rice

A new range of delicious meals will also be arriving in stores this season. Following the salted egg yolk trend that has been sweeping across Asia in recent years, Starbucks is introducing the Salted Egg Smoked Chicken Macaroni that combines both sweet and savory flavors into everyone’s favorite comfort food. Taking inspiration from one of Malaysia’s most famous dish, Starbucks will also be launching the Spicy Tuna Asam Laksa Macaroni. Lastly, for palettes that seek more international flavors, the Cheesy Chicken Baked Rice will also be made available at all stores in Malaysia.

Starbucks 25oz In The Forest Water Bottle
Starbucks 16oz Stainless Steel Green Alpaca Cold Cup

Make the most out of the hot days ahead with Choco-Choco Nutty Frappuccino, Mango Matcha Freeze and Berry Hibiscus Cold Brew which start from RM18.55. The new additions to its summer promotional menu will be available at Starbucks stores nationwide as well as through its delivery partners, GrabFood and Foodpanda. Celebrate resilience and determination with a bag of a Rwanda Single Origin coffee, which retails from RM45. For the selection of its mouth-watering Salted Egg Smoked Chicken Macaroni, Spicy Tuna Asam Laksa Macaroni, and the Cheesy Chicken Baked Rice with prices starting from RM13.80.

Starbucks 16oz Starry Night Tumbler
Starbucks 17oz Stainless Steel Blue Stanley

At the same time, customers can also grab the Outdoor Adventure Merchandise collection from RM48.00 onwards and the Summer Seasonal Starbucks Card, which can be activated from RM30 onwards. The new lineup of promotional beverages, merchandise and food offerings will be available in all Starbucks stores nationwide from 13 July (Peninsular Malaysia), 14 July (East Malaysia) and 22 July (Labuan), while stocks last.

Starbucks 16oz Starry Night Cold Cup
Starbucks 16oz Walk in the Forest Tumbler

For more information, please visit the Starbucks Malaysia website at

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