Hospitals: The Safest Place During a Pandemic?

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A Panel with Prince Court Medical Centre: Covid-19 in Malaysia

Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC), one of the leading healthcare providers in Malaysia, invited TEG Media to join them in a conversation with healthcare professionals as they look into the managing of the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia, and what it entails for the expat community.

The discussion was represented by PCMC’s CEO – Chong Yee Mun, PCMC’s ENT specialist & Medical Director, Datuk Dr. Kuljit Singh (who is also the President of APHM-Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia); together with TEG Media CEO Andy Davison and was moderated by Marsita Mashhor (Senior Manager, Business Development, and A&P).

The discussion expanded on hospital reactions and protocols enacted to prepare for and contain the spread of Covid-19, as well as continuing to function for the other ongoing health issues of the public.

Other issues touched upon also included public response to the ‘new normals’ of habitual hand-washing and wearing face masks. Datuk Dr Kuljit noted a surprising bonus noticed during the SOP implementation – a decrease in other ENT-related diseases.

As many in Malaysia’s expat community, including those in the MM2H programme, are in the senior age group, Andy Davison noted that the low numbers and general control were a reassurance to the community, compared to the handling of the outbreak back in their country of origin.

Datuk Dr Kuljit also imparted the importance of keeping a good balance between physical and mental health to adjust to the new normal, but added that we are already doing quite a good job, and that ‘new’ is just maintaining our current hygiene practices.

CEO Chong Yee Mun emphasises that while worries about contracting Covid-19 are real, a hospital is actually one of the safest places to be! With the strict routine monitoring of both guests and staff of Prince Court Medical Centre, visitors have basically nothing to worry about when needing to make a visit to the hospital for other concerns.

The full panel discussion is available below in video form for a more in-depth conversation, as well as how a private establishment like Prince Court Medical Centre coordinated with the Ministry of Health to respond accordingly to the Covid-19 outbreak in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

For more information, visit For updates on the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia and beyond, click here.

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