Tesla’s Job Vacancy Ads Signal Official Opening in Singapore

Image via David Von Diemar/Unsplash
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It’s no secret that Tesla, Inc. founder Elon Musk has previously expressed his dissatisfaction at the city state for not being supportive of electric vehicles. Although Singapore’s premium car market is dominated by luxury brands like BMW and Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz, the country has finally revealed long-term plans to phase out fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2040.

Singapore’s leaders have also disclosed of plans to encourage consumers to switch to EV by adding incentives. This comes after accusations made by Musk in January 2019 that the country was slow in showing any signs of transitioning to EVs. Meanwhile, Tesla has been expanding in other APAC markets including Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, and Taipei.

Tesla car | Image via Dario/Unsplash

Now with Tesla posting fresh vacancies on LinkedIn for Singapore-based job roles, it can only be assumed that a brand new showroom is in the works. The EV company began their job search in July for positions such as store leader and sales advisers, followed by a call for senior developers.

Although Tesla’s representatives in Beijing have declined to comment, it has been reported that the company’s new factory in Shanghai will be the main source of shipping to countries across Asia, including Singapore, and that shipments could start as early as 2021.

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