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11/11 Is Coming! Here’s How to Get Your Coffee Fix at a Serious Discount

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Mister Coffee, Malaysia’s complete coffee company, just announced a terrific new November promotion and a welcome new product.

Mister Coffee has produced its own pod-based coffee makers for some time now, but for those who happen to already own a different machine, they were often forced to buy that company’s branded capsules. For the most popular machines, sometimes store-brand capsules could be found, but this tended to be the exception rather than the rule.

Now, Mister Coffee has launched an entire range of coffee capsules called N-Cap, made expressly for the popular Nespresso® home coffee machine.

The Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules are in a line-up comprising seven distinct coffees in packs of 10, each with a noted character and intensity, such as Balanced & Smooth (intensity: 7), Citrusy & Aromatic (intensity: 6), Cocoa with Hints of Tobacco (intensity: 10), Chocolaty & Nutty (intensity: 8), and, in case you thought it was just a 10-point scale, Full Body & Strong Aftertaste (intensity: 11).

The capsules are compatible with home Nespresso capsule coffee machines*.

11/11 Promo!

Even better, Mister Coffee has also just rolled out its 11/11 special, which despite the name is actually valid from Nov. 1 to Nov. 11. (That’s right, from 1/11 to 11/11). Not enough “ones” for you? Then check this out: Using the promo code MISTER1111 will bag you an additional 11% off the already 11%-discounted prices of selected items!

What’s the catch? So glad you asked, because there is one, though it’s fair and also fits in with the whole “ones” scheme, too: To get the additional 11%, your order before discount has to be at least RM111. (And you have to enter the promo code, but we figure you knew that part already.)

Many of Mister Coffee’s bagged coffees can be purchased in whole bean form, or ground to your specified fineness!

For example, if you choose their outstanding Sumatran coffee, pictured above, a 500g bag is RM55. (You can get it as whole beans or have Mister Coffee grind it for you to your specified fineness before delivery to match your particular coffee brewing method.) With the 11% discount, it’s RM48.95. But if you order enough goodies to push your total order over RM111 and key in the promo code, you’ll get another 11% off, making it just RM43.57! For a solid half kilo of high-quality coffee beans, that’s a steal!

The 11/11 promotion is not valid on everything, but check out their online store and you’ll see that it covers plenty.

Great coffee in a range of forms from whole bean to ground-to-order to convenient capsules – and more! – plus the safety and convenience of online shopping and home delivery makes Mister Coffee a terrific choice. It’s easy to see why they really are Malaysia’s complete coffee company!

Visit their website at Promotion valid through November 11 only! Free delivery is offered to West Malaysia for orders of just RM60 or above. (Free delivery to East Malaysia for RM120 and above.)


*Nespresso is the trademark of a third party company and is not in any way related to Mister Coffee Sdn Bhd

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