Thailand Decriminalises Category 2 Narcotics Including Cocaine, Opium, and Morphine

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It’s a very big deal, but it’s not what you think.

In another historic development for the Kingdom of Thailand, the Thai government has just passed a new Public Health Ministry regulation, allowing for the sale and possession of Category 2 narcotics, which includes 102 different substances.

In this category are drugs such as cocaine, morphine, and opium. The regulation was announced in the Royal Gazette, with an official declaration of decriminalisation of all Category 2 drugs for scientific and medical research and uses only.

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Although news of the legalisation of potential ‘party drugs’ may motivate some to start booking their holiday tickets to Bangkok, it’s not a free-for-all drugfest! The National Thailand reported that all sale and possession of Category 2 substances by Thailand’s 1979 Narcotics Act may only be sold and used under specific limitations, and only with granted approval.

It also mentions that official approvals for sale and possession will only be granted to scientific and medical organisations, as well as government organisations, pharmaceutical firms, and health centres.

This latest proclamation has been hailed by drug reform advocates as an notably progressive move by the Thai government, especially after legalising marijuana for medical and research purposes back in 2018, and it continues to shine a positive light on the Southeast Asian country for changing their mindset towards the real problems surrounding drug abuse and rehabilitation.

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