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Training via Wordlabs e-Learning: Easy, Efficient, and Effective!

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Finding the right training solution can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

The term “e-learning” is used frequently, but is variously and imprecisely defined and applied. Simply put, e-learning is the use of electronic educational technology in learning and teaching, typically used to facilitate distance learning. With both market demands and learning management systems continuously evolving, the resources available have to keep pace. This is why Wordlabs has taken e-learning to a new level, delivering a new and better way to train your team.

With Wordlabs e-learning, you’ll have unlimited access to a growing library containing thousands of learning resources from top training providers around the world, all in one easy subscription. As a one-stop shop for all e-learning and remote training needs, Wordlabs makes it easy to compare the best training options available, and find the right resources for your team’s professional development, compliance, and business training needs. Importantly, all courses can be used in any third-party SCORM-compliant Learning Management System, and are HRDF claimable, as well.


Sritharan Vellasamy, CEO of Wordlabs e-learning, explains, “We wanted to make training easier to deliver, manage, and consume for users all over the world. We don’t promote or impose our own training material. Through working with our customers and training providers, we provide our customers the best-fit with an unbiased approach to finding the right courses from the best training providers.”

The platform is clearly laid out and approachable for users and seeking an all-in-one training solution that covers the following:

Compliance Training
Purchase off-the-shelf online compliance training courses, such as anti-bullying and harassment and OH&S training, and enrol your teams in courses which are relevant to your industry and workforce.

Professional Development Training
Purchase off-the-shelf online professional development training courses, such as leadership development or communication skills and tailor your employee training to meet the needs of both the company and employees.

Face-to-Face Training
From accessing marketplace courses such as first aid or project management training to booking training sessions with your existing suppliers, Wordlabs provides the ability for users to access both offline and online courses through the marketplace.

Manage Your Training
Manage your online and offline training with multiple vendors through a single training portal. Through Wordlabs you will be able to deliver, track, and manage all aspects of staff training through a single platform.

Create Your Own Training
Create customised online training courses, including interactive training courses, assessments, events, and workshops. Improve your teams more efficiently and effectively through a training portal that’s customised to your business or organisation.


  • Highly experienced and versatile media professionals across multiple industries, content types, and platforms.
  • One-stop boutique media and publishing agency providing strategies, e-learning, creative works, market research, and content development.
  • Access to Wordlabs’ Training Assist service – the easier way to source, book. and deliver training. The Training Assist service makes organisational training easier by providing HR and L&D managers with access to a 24/7 training booking service. Whether it be face-to-face leadership or sales management training, your Wordlabs e-learning Training Assistant will help find the training you need.


Wordlabs e-learning content subscription can address multiple pain points for L&D teams:

  1. Providers regularly update their resources, so you always access the most up-to-date materials.
  2. Complete freedom to choose from across 50+ content providers’ libraries.
  3. Integrates with any LMS and configures with existing HRM systems.
  4. Value for money, with a low annual cost per user, to access all Premium resources.
  5. Training is targeted for different geographies – local, regional, and global.
  6. 24-hour global customer support.

A new and better way to train your team

As the world’s largest marketplace of training, we provide you with instant access to thousands of training resources, sourced from the best content providers in the world, in our platform or yours. Add Wordlabs e-learning directly to your current LMS and get learning faster!

Our model is different

We are a training aggregator – we don’t produce any training ourselves. This is a fundamentally different model from a typical provider. As an aggregator, we can be a single source for our customers to utilise training from a variety of high-quality training providers.

We are constantly adding new courses

As an aggregator, we can also grow our offering faster than any training course provider can. Wordlabs e-learning – our subscription offering, with thousands of online training courses for a single price – is expanding all the time. But customers keep paying the same price.

Add Wordlabs e-learning directly to your current learning management system and get learning faster!

  • Cloud-based online training, accessible 24/7, including on any mobile or tablet device
  • Build your own or access over 30,000+ courses across key topics
  • Reduce risk with expert off-the-shelf compliance training for your industry

If you’d like to chat more about Wordlabs e-learning and discover how it can help you, drop a line to [email protected]!

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