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What Is Men’s Health and Why Should You Care?

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In this edition, Dr. Goh Eng Hong, A Consultant Urologist at Prince Court Medical Centre participates in a quick Q&A and provides insights into men’s health.

Dr. Goh Eng Hong, Consultant Urologist at Prince Court Medical Centre

1. Can you explain what men’s health is in general?

  • Men’s health is fundamentally rather similar to women’s health, but with some key differences, naturally! It’s unique in the sense that men have specialised male organs such as a prostate and testes. And of course, men in general do not have specific female diseases such as fibroid or menstrual disorders.
  • Another chief difference among the genders is the traditional masculinity ideology. Simply put, men tend to have risk-taking behaviour, and the primacy of work. This influences men profoundly as well as their health-seeking behaviour… we are talking about “toxic masculinity” here…

2. What are some common health conditions among men?

  • These include heart diseases and cancers, in addition to male organ diseases such as prostate enlargement or testicular infection. The diseases potentially are more common or arise at an earlier age among men, which partly explains men’s shorter lifespans, often leaving behind a lonely female partner.

3. What are the early symptoms, and as early as what age?

  • The symptoms depend on specific diseases, and the age of onset varies. Nonetheless, the male hormone, or testosterone, the level of which starts to decrease at age 30. So “life” begins at 30…!

4. Any preventive measures to lead a healthier and longer life?

  • A healthy lifestyle with sufficient physical activity certainly helps. Like women, men have unique healthcare needs. Regular check-ups and health screenings play a pivotal role in this regard, particularly as we age.

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