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This article is brought to you by GEMS International School.

One of the most significant factors that helps to form each and every student’s individual education blueprint is the opportunity to learn in a positive and encouraging atmosphere in the company of world class, qualified educators. Each student cultivates various and varied interests and ambitions throughout their learning journey. Teachers who embrace innovative contemporary teaching methods will inspire said students to develop their skills and help them create an emotional connection to the subject which can propel these students to greater heights.

GEMS Scholarship

Our teachers empower the students through multiple means of teaching and learning thus building their confidence elevating them to emerge as victorious in and out of the classroom. The IGCSE (Year 10 & 11) and A Level (Year 12 & 13) programmes at GEMS, therefore, should be the absolute choice for all students who want to get ahead.

Make that change and take your first step into GEMS International School with our IGCSE and A Level Scholarship Programmes. Applications close: 31st January 2021.

Get in touch with Ms. Kavitha, our Scholarship Specialist Advisor at: [email protected] to learn more or visit:

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